MARQUETTE – The United States Olympic Education Center is playing host to the Marine Greco-Roman wrestling team. The Marines, who normally train at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, are training at the USOEC through May 12. 
“The Marine team is very competitive and we can help each other out. Both teams will have new practice partners to help keep each other sharp,” said USOEC coach Dennis Hall.
            Marine coach Dan Hicks agreed. “We drive 20 hours because we know there are always good training partners here.” 
            The Marines started practicing at the USOEC on Wednesday, May 6. Their first challenge was running up Sugarloaf Mountain. “I heard a lot about that,” said Hicks, “My guys said there were a lot of stairs.”
            USOEC Greco-Roman wrestlers had other visitors this past week. Fifteen outstanding high school wrestlers from around the country came to shadow USOEC wrestlers. They were able to get a feel for the USEOC program and learn new techniques.
            Nick Alvarez, a high school wrestler from Miami, Fla., was impressed by the program and is very interested in coming here next year. “It’s a really cool program with intense practices. I like how it focuses on international style and allows you to go to college.”

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Media Relations Coordinator
May 10, 2010