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Did You Know? China Fun Facts
 Like I have mentioned before The City of Beijing has done a fabulous job of hosting the Games. The people are excited and friendly, the city is clean, and the traffic is flowing. They have presented their terrific city to the rest of the world very successfully. One of the things they have done is covering up some of the construction zones and areas they do not want you to see, this is called "Beijing's New Pajamas." They have done this with Olympic Signage all over the city.
Today, I had the chance to talk to a professor at BNU. Her American name is Shelley, Her real name is, Hou Lijuan. She was very interesting and willing to talk so I started asking questions.
Shelley (Hou) is an Assistant Professor at BNU and this is some of the information we talked about.
- The average salary (Xinshui) pronounced "Sing Shway" - for an assistant Professor in China is around $7,000 US Dollars.
- The average Xinshui (salary) for a professor (Jiao Shou) it is pronounced "Jow Sho" is $17,000 US Dollars.
- A typical college (Daxue) student - pronounced "dah shooah" - pays on average 4,000 RNB ($675 US Dollars) per year of college (Daxue). Most students are in college for 4 years. I think Raven will be going to school in China?
- The average rent (Zu) pronounced "zoo" for a one bedroom apartment is 1500 RNB (a little over $200 US Dollars each month). 
- The average family Car (Qiche) pronounced "teachua" costs 100,000 RNB which is close to $14,000 US Dollars. There is a catch, to control the automobile population, it will cost you about 1/2 of the price that a car will cost you to license it. The other way they control the auto population is that they only give so many out per year. 1000 new cars are on the road each DAY.
- Gas (Qiyou) pronounced "Tea Yo" costs about 6 RNB per liter
- An average home (Fangzi) pronounced "Fonz" in Beijing is pretty much unaffordable but it will cost $30,000 US Dollars for a 100 square meter home.
On the Mats today, Adam Wheeler won the Bronze Medal! Congrats to Adam!!! It just shows how much parody there is in the sport of Greco Roman Wrestling. Last Year the US Team won the World Team Title and this year they won 1 Olympic Medal. But the US Greco-Roman Program will be back. They have established themselves as a world power and have a lot of great young talent and some unbelievable coaches. I know some people are thinking different. Did you know that 4 World Champs from last year did not place? USA Greco is doing a great job.
Today, the women's team was off of the mat except for Chun. The rest of the team did their cardio workouts and spent some time resting, relaxing and spending some time with family. Everyone is getting down to weight and doing what they need to do to get prepared mentally. They are all in good spirits and ready to go.  
I have funny story for you. All the buildings and entrances look alike at the village. I came out of the coaches work room tonight and went up the elevator to my room walked in turned on the light... OOPS...
Wrong Room! - a gracious lady just looked at me and shook her head.
I guess I need to pay more attention to some of the little things?
I will leave you all with that - maybe I need some sleep?
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August 14, 2008