USOEC weightlifter Alex Argueta
USOEC weightlifter Alex Argueta
MARQUETTEThree United States Olympic Education Center weightlifters competed at the Sicily International Tournament held July 4-7 in Sicily, Italy.
            The international competition held two sixth place finishes for Northern Michigan University sophomore Alex Argueta of Aurora, Ill. On day one, Argueta recorded a snatch of 70 kilograms and clean-and-jerk of 88 kg, giving her a total of 158 kg.
The next day, Argueta successfully lifted 65 kg in her first snatch attempt, followed by two missed attempts for 70kg. For the clean-and-jerk, Argueta had three successful lifts at 85, 90 and 91 kg. She finished the second day of competition with 156-kg total.
            Steve Jarvis, an NMU sophomore of Niagra, Wis., finished in fourth place on both days. Starting the competition, Jarvis lifted 140 and 172 kg in the snatch and clean-and-jerk, respectively, totaling 312 kg for the day.
The second day, Jarvis missed his first snatch attempt of 134 kg. He followed with two successful lifts at 134 and 141 kg. Jarvis completed 162-, 170- and 175-kg lifts for the clean-and-jerk. He finished the day with a 316-kg total.
            Teammate Collin Ito of Vista, Calif., lifted 140 kg in the snatch and 188 kg in the clean and jerk for a day one total of 328 kg and a sixth-place finish.
Day two brought a successful first attempt of 140 kg in the snatch. Ito then missed a 146-kg attempt, but came back to the platform and cleared 149 kg. The NMU junior had successful lifts at 180 and 185 kg in the clean-and-jerk. Ito missed his final clean-and-jerk attempt of 191 kg. He finished the day with a 334-kg total, and a fifth-place finish.

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July 18, 2007