Olympic History at NMU

The idea of bringing an Olympic Training Center (OTC) to Northern Michigan University originated in 1965 and came to fruition in1985, joining Colorado Springs, Colo., and Lake Placid, N.Y., as the nation’s third OTC. 

Because of the center’s commitment to incorporating educational opportunities in addition to offering world-class training, the United States Olympic Committee changed the center’s designation to the country’s only “Olympic Education Center” in 1989. 

In 2020 the Center was given the title of National Training Site to recognize the partnership with USA Wrestling and USA Weightlifting.

Approximately 25,000 athletes from more than 40 countries have participated in Olympic programs at NMU since the center opened.  These athletes have won more than 70 Olympic medals, and earned more than 100 high school diplomas and college degrees. 

Additionally, 29 sports, ranging from archery to wrestling have trained at the center on either a long-term or short-term basis. 

The Site has also hosted a number of national and international events, such as the short track speed skating World Cup in 2003 and the 2006 Olympic Trials, as well as a numerous of Junior Olympic Championships for boxing.