The Olympic Movement at NMU Today

Northern Michigan University is dedicated to providing educational opportunities for its resident athletes while offering world-class training.  

Over the years, it has grown into a major contributor to the U.S. Olympic movement.

Current resident training programs include Greco-Roman wrestling and Olympic-style weightlifting. Athletes must be approved by the coaching staff, their national governing body and NMU to be admitted into the program. 

Athletes attend NMU while training in their respective sports.  The student athletes receive free or reduced room and board, access to world-class training facilities as well as sports medicine and sports science services, academic tutoring, and a waiver of out-of-state tuition fees by NMU. Athletes are responsible for tuition at the in-state rate, travel and other training expenses.

On-campus student athletes live in NMU’s Meyland Hall, eat in campus dining halls, and train at the university’s Superior Dome. 

NMU also offers a variety of short-term training camps; regional, national, and international competitions as well as coaches and officials education clinics.


Mission Statement
The United States Olympic Training Site uses all available resources at NMU to challenge its student athletes to think independently, develop a lifelong appreciation for learning, acquire career skills, and become productive citizens and ambassadors for our country, while also providing the world-class facilities and support services that these athletes need in order to become Olympians."