Summer Orientation Overview

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Jamrich Hall

Our Orientation Program

Throughout the summer, we are hosting a number of virtual Orientation programs for our students. Students will attend the session that best fits their student status and needs. Orientation is not just for our students; alongside each program we include a Parent Orientation.

We want students to start their college career prepared for not only their first year at NMU, but for years to come. Orientation is a required experience for all Northern students because of the important and required information that they will receive.  During our virtual orientation, students will register for courses, take placement-testing, meet a current student who will be their Zoom session orientation leader, meet other new students, be introduced to a large variety of campus resources, and so much more.  

Session schedules are available.

First Year Student Orientation

The First Year Student Orientation caters to students new to any university and transfer students with under 12 credits.  The First Year Student Program focuses on how to become a successful student at NMU.  The program spends considerable time covering the different academic and social aspects of the university. Students will prepare for the start of the first semester through sessions that cover topics like academic planning, course scheduling, financial resources, and getting involved. 

Commuter, Non-Traditional, and Veteran Orientation

For Commuter Students (students living within 60 miles), Non-Traditional students (students over the age of 24), and Veteran students the college experience can be a little different.  Commuter, Non-Traditional, and Veteran Orientation provides students with the opportunity to learn about the integral departments across campus and time to prepare for their first semester.  

Transfer Student Orientation

The Transfer Student Orientation understands that transfer students, those with 12+ post-high school credits, already have a good grasp on the college experience.  The Transfer Student Orientation provides the information necessary for transfer students to transition to a brand new university.  Transfer students will hear from relevant departments, and will interact with their individual academic programs for advising and course selection. 

Transfer students with 12+ post-high school credits will have the opportunity to participate in the Online Transfer Orientation in lieu of the in person.  For more information on the Transfer Orientation, please visit:

Global Campus Student Orientation

The Global Campus Student Orientation is for all Online and Distance Learners. The Global Student Orientation provides all the information a new online student would need to start their experience at NMU. Global Students will receive all of the information a new or transfer student would receive, except catered towards the Online experience. For more information on the Global Student Orientation, please visit: For more information on the Global Campus program please visit:

Summer 2020 Virtual Orientation

If you are currently registered for a Summer Orientation session, please check your personal email account. An email was sent to you on 5-4-2020, asking which new session you would like to switch to and how you would like to proceed with your Orientation fee refund. You will also have the option to add additional parents and guests to our free Parent and Guest Orientation. 

If you are NOT currently registered for a Summer Orientation session, you will need to register for a virtual session and register your parents and guests for the Parent and Guest Orientation session(s) if you would like to do so. There will be NO Orientation fee for students or parents until June 1st, 2020. After June 1st, students will be required to pay a fee of $75 to participate in our virtual Orientation. Parent and Guest Orientation will remain free throughout the summer. 

Session Dates:

All virtual sessions* will begin at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and will last 3-4 hours. (This excludes Fall Make Up, which will have a different schedule) 

Transfer Students 
  • Friday, June 5th 
Commuter, Vet, Non-Trad Students 
  • Friday, June 19th
First-Year Student Sessions
  • Tuesday, June 9th - FULL
  • Thursday, June 11th - FULL
  • Tuesday, June 16th - FULL
  • Thursday, June 18th - FULL
  • Tuesday, June 23rd - FULL 
  • Thursday, June 25th - FULL
  • Tuesday, June 30th - FULL
  • Thursday, July 2nd - FULL
  • Monday, July 6th - FULL
  • Wednesday, July 8th 
Fall Make-Up Session(s) - registration will open on Thursday, July 9th

Virtual sessions will begin at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and will last 4-5 hours.

  • Wednesday, August 5th (virtual) 
  • Wednesday, August 12th (virtual) - available upon request by calling 906-227-1707
Global Campus Students
  • Global Campus Students can register for their online session.
  • The online session is available now.

*If you are concerned about having to access the internet to complete orientation, please give us a call at 906-227-1707 or email us at