Summer Orientation

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Our Orientation Program

Throughout the summer, we have a handful of different orientation programs for our students. Students will select and attend the session that best fits their student status and needs.  Orientation is not just for our students; alongside each program we include a Parent Orientation.

We want students to start their college career prepared for not only their first year at NMU but for years to come. Orientation is a required experience for all Northern students because of the important and required information that they will receive.  During Orientation, students will register for courses, take placement-testing, work with financial aid, finalize housing, have a chance to meet with faculty, staff, current/new students, and do so much more.  Orientation is an opportunity to take care of it all before starting in the Fall.  For a preview of what is to come, samples from previous Orientations are provided.

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First Year Student Orientation

The First Year Student Orientation caters to students new to any university and transfer students with under 12 credits.  The First Year Student Program focuses on how to become a successful student at NMU.  This program is three days long and utilizes every minute.  The program spends considerable time covering the different academic and social aspects of the university. Students will prepare for the start of the first semester through a series of different sessions that cover topics like academic planning, course scheduling, financial resources, and getting involved. On-campus accommodations are offered during this program, as well as a buffet-style dinner on Tuesday night, showcasing our on-campus dining facility and local musical talent.



Commuter, Non-Traditional, and Veteran Orientation

For Commuter Students (students living within 60 miles), Non-Traditional students (students over the age of 24), and Veteran students the college experience can be a little different.  We recognize the differences of this population and with the feedback from our students have condensed the orientation program to one day full of necessary information.  Commuter, Non-Traditional, and Veteran Orientation provides students with the opportunity to learn about the integral departments across campus and time to prepare for their first semester.  Lunch will be included in this program.


Transfer Student Orientation

The Transfer Student Orientation understands that transfer students, those with 12+ post-high school credits, already have a good grasp on the college experience.  The Transfer Student Orientation is only one day and provides the information necessary for transfer students to transition to a brand new university.  Transfer students will hear from relevant departments, and meet with their academic programs for advising and course selection.  Lunch will be included in this program.

Transfer students with 12+ post-high school credits will have the opportunity to participate in the Online Transfer Orientation in lieu of the in person.  For more information on the Transfer Orientation, please visit:


Global Student Orientation

The Global Student Orientation is for all Online and Distance Learners. The Global Student Orientation provides all the information a new online student would need to start their experience at NMU. Global Students will receive all of the information a new or transfer student would receive, except catered towards the Online experience. For more information on the Global Student Orientation, please visit: For more information on the Global Campus program please visit: