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Please note that a payment will be required to complete the registration process. A seat will not be held if payment is not complete. 
Also note that accommodations are not available during the Winter Orientation.

Quick Orientation FAQ

  • What am I paying for?
    The $126 (in person) and $75 (online transfer/Global Campus) student orientation fee pays for the entire program. The fee pays for professional and student staff, facilities, hand-outs, processing, and much more. Every dollar that a student pays goes right back into the program.  Students may also pay an additional $50 for their Parent(s)/Guardian to attend a separate parent orientation. Only the student orientation is mandatory. More information here: Session Fees & Refund Policy
  • Do I have to attend the entire Orientation?
    Yes, the entire orientation is mandatory for students. The Parent orientation is entirely optional. More info here: Parent Orientation
  • Can I stay on campus during Orientation?
    It depends on which orientation you are signing up for! Make sure to view the Accommodations page for additional information. 
  • What is Online-Transfer Orientation?
    The Online-Transfer Orientation is only for students who have successfully transferred 12 post-high school college credits.  While the online orientation can be beneficial for students who are out of the area the online orientation is extremely independent. Only students who are comfortable with online learning, and making a phone appointment with their department should explore this option. More info here: Online Orientation