Course Placement Information

NMU works hard to place students in courses that are appropriate for their skill levels. Some decisions are based on admission data while others are based on test scores. Read the information below to learn more about placement and placement exams.

Math Placement

If you have not earned credit for a college-level math class, you should take the Math Placement Test or Math Diagnostic Test online prior to attending orientation. (First Year Experience (FYE) Blocks containing chemistry or mathematics courses require completion of the Math Placement Test.) You can find the exam at  It will take approximately one hour to complete. You are not permitted to use calculators. You will need to print a copy of the results and bring them with you to orientation. If you do not have access to the Internet, you may take the Math Placement Test or Math Diagnostic Test once you arrive on campus and are issued a notebook computer at orientation. If you have questions regarding the exam, call the Department of Math and Computer Science at 906-227-2020 or email

English Placement

For regularly admitted students and those admitted as restricted admits, the NMU English Department uses admission data to determine whether students are placed into EN 090: Basic Composition or EN 111: College Composition. Students placed into EN 090 will be notified by mail two weeks prior to their arrival for orientation. These students can appeal their EN 090 placement. Information about the appeals process is mailed with the EN 090 placement letter. Students are encouraged to submit their appeal prior to attending their orientation session. Students placed into EN 111 will be able to confirm that placement online while at orientation.

Students admitted into the Freshman Probation or College Transitions Program will take the COMPASS placement test at Orientation to determine which course is most appropriate. If you have questions about the English Placement procedure, call the English Department at 906-227-2711 or e-mail

Language Placement

Students who are interested in taking a foreign language course at NMU and have taken a foreign language course prior to attending NMU should take the online placement exam. If you are placed into a 102 or higher language course, call the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at 906-227-2940 or e-mail to get information about how to register for the appropriate course at orientation.