Written Materials Policy

Northern Michigan University believes in the freedom of students to express opinions and communicate ideas through writing, publishing and distributing student publications and other written materials.  In order to provide that freedom within an orderly framework, the following regulations are established for the distribution or sale of materials which are written, edited, published or distributed by Northern Michigan University students.

I. Within the confines of any building under university control or dedicated to the purposes or activities of the university, student publications shall be sold, picked up, passed hand-to-hand, or otherwise distributed in the following manner:

A. On a free-will pick-up basis in public areas of residence halls, provided the residence hall establishes such a place.

B. In public areas of University buildings other than residence halls that have been established for the distribution of student publications with representatives of those buildings.  Building representatives may establish procedures for managing the distribution of materials.

Distribution requires written permission for distribution or sale with more specific information requested including the name of the individual or organization that will be distributing or selling the materials, the title or description of items being distributed, the name and telephone number of a contact person, and the desired dates, times, and locations for distribution or sale.

II. Outside the confines of University buildings, student publications shall be sold, given, picked up, passed hand-to-hand or otherwise distributed by means which do not obstruct access to, or egress from, any building or interfere with institutional programs and normal maintenance of grounds or structures under University control.  Materials cannot be placed on cars, poles, posts, signs, outside walls of buildings, doors or windows.

III. Written materials cannot be posted on University property except in accordance with the Posting Materials Policy.

IV. Distribution of written materials by individuals that are not NMU students must receive approval from the Dean of Students Office.