Support Services

Northern Michigan University recognizes the important role that student organizations play in the life of the campus community. Because of this, a number of support services are offered to help your organization be successful. These include:

  • registration. By registering annually, your organization can access all of the services provided to student organizations, and we will also have current contact information for students who may be interested in joining. Registration is a simple, easy process that returning organizations need to complete by the fourth week of the fall semester in order to maintain services and receive current information. Registration of new organizations can be done anytime throughout the year. Registration can be done here.
  • the use of university facilities, many of them free of charge, for meetings and activities. To reserve space, please fill out an Activity Request Form
  • storage in the University Center. There are currently 68 lockers in the University Center for student organizations. Contact our office for availability and to express interest if one would benefit your organization.
  • mailboxes in the University Center and mail service are available to registered student organizations. The advantages of using a campus mailing address vs. a member's address is that when members/officers change, the mailing address remains the same. A mailbox can be obtained through the Center for Student Enrichment, 1205 University Center.
  • opportunities to conduct approved fundraising activities on campus. Approval for a fundraiser can be requested with the Activity Request Form
  • opportunities to participate in a number of major campus events, including Fall Fest, Homecoming, WinterFest and Make a Difference Day.
  • the opportunity to apply to the Student Finance Committee for the funds needed to present a major campus program. For more information, contact the ASNMU treasurer/Student Finance Committee chairperson in the ASNMU Office (1203 University Center, 227-2452). Many student organizations that are not primarily programming groups have sponsored a major speaker or an entertainer that reflects the interests of their group.
  • frequent communication. Through the mail and by electronic means your organization members will be kept informed of key events such as Skill Builder! workshops, volunteer opportunities and major campus programs and activities.
  • recognition of accomplishments. Every April 500+ students and guests attend the Leadership Recognition Banquet where outstanding efforts by student organizations are recognized. In addition, accomplishments by student organizations are recognized throughout the year in the North Wind and by other means.
  • posting registration. You are encouraged to promote membership in your organization and the events you sponsor with signs and posters in the designated posting areas on campus. Materials can be registered for posting in the Center for Student Enrichment, 1205 University Center. For a current listing of posting areas, visit Posting Sites.
  • Instagram Story Slot. Student organizations are encouraged to promote their organization or any upcoming events and activities through Instagram stories. To reserve a date, call 906-227-2439, email, or stop by 1205 University Center.  For rules, please click here.
  • Promotional Services. Flyers, table tents, posters, North Wind ads, T-shirts, etc. — you name it and the talented students who work in Promotional Services can create an attractive and effective design at a very reasonable price. For more information go to Promotional Services.
  • new student interest forms. Each spring, the Center for Student Enrichment asks members of registered student organizations to update a short description of their groups. These are included in the student organization newspaper that is distributed to new student orientation participants, along with an interest card. Orientation participants complete the interest cards and then, at the end of the summer, a list of students interested in each student organization is sent out. Additional membership recruitment opportunities include annual programs such as Fall Fest.
  • advice and assistance  When you enter the Center for Student Enrichment, you will find friendly staff who are available to answer any questions and discuss any ideas or concerns you may have about your student organization. You can also e-mail us a question at Call on us; we are here to help!