Support Services

Northern Michigan University recognizes the important role that student organizations play in the life of the campus community.  A number of support services are offered to help your organization be successful. In order to take advantage of these resources, organizations must register annually.

Registration:  Annual registration must be completed by the fourth week of classes in the fall semester in order to maintain services for pre-existing organizations.  Registration includes updating leadership contact information for students who may be interested in joining and takes only a few minutes to complete.  New organizations may register at any time throughout the year.

Below is a list of support services available to registered student organizations. 

For any questions, or to reserve any of the opportunities outlined below for your group, please contact the Center for Student Enrichment (CSE) at 906-227-2439, or stop by 1101 Northern Center, across from the Wildcat Den.  

University Promotion:

  • Sign Posting on Campus: Have an event coming up? Trying to attract new members? A poster on campus might be just what you need. All posters must be registered through the Center for Student Enrichment, 1101 Northern Center. Want help designing a poster? Please view the promotional services opportunity listed on this page. 

  • NMU Account Instagram Story Slot: Courtesy of NMU’s Marketing and Communications Department, organizations can reserve a slot to promote their activities on the main NMU instagram account. To reserve a date contact the CSE.

  • Northern Lights TV Ad Space: Promote your organization’s events in Northern Lights by submitting an electronic copy of your organization's event. Ads are posted every Monday for one full week and must be submitted to the CSE no later than two business days before it is posted. Only organization events will be considered. 

    • Image Requirements: Images must be horizontal, saved as a .png file and be 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

    • How to Sign Up & Restrictions: Organizations can advertise for one full week up to two times a semester but no more than once a month. One organization will be allowed an ad per week. Stop by, email or call the CSE to reserve your space ahead of time! 

  • University TV Ad Space: Courtesy of NMU’s Marketing and Communications Department, promote your organization’s event on the university TV’s around campus. Ads are posted every Monday and run until the following Sunday. Email an electronic copy of your organization's event poster to the CSE at least 2.5 weeks before desired posting date for initial approval. 

    • Image Requirements: Images must be horizontal, saved as a .png file and be high resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

    • Posting Restrictions: Only events will be accepted. Organizations can advertise for one full week up to two times a semester but no more than once a month. Space for these TV’s are limited and scheduling of ads is at the discretion of Marketing and Communications. Submission does not guarantee event posting. 

  • Promotional Services: Flyers, table tents, posters, North Wind ads, T-shirts, etc. — you name it and the talented students who work in Promotional Services can create an attractive and effective design at a very reasonable price. 

University Access:

  • Reserve University Facilities: Being a registered organization allows groups to schedule a room for their meeting/event almost anywhere on campus, have their fundraising event approved or schedule a table to recruit students! Get started by submitting an Activity Request Form. *Please note that requests are not guaranteed and are granted based on availability. Any food fundraisers outside of bake sales must apply for a food exemption through Simply Superior.

  • Campus Mailbox: The advantages of using a campus mailing address vs. a member's address is that when members/officers change, the mailing address remains the same. Make the leadership transition less painful by registering for a campus mailbox today! Mailboxes are located on first floor of the Northern Center. Contact the CSE to be assigned a mailbox.

  • Storage Lockers: Located in the Northern Center and Harden Hall, organizations can reduce the headache of passing on materials or storing event supplies by signing up for a storage locker. This is a service provided free of charge. Stop by the CSE or call the office to inquire about availability. 

  • University Student Involvement Fairs and Events: Registered student organizations are encouraged to be an active member of the NMU community through involvement fairs and annual university events held on campus throughout the year. These opportunities allow for organization exposure and recruitment of new members.

University Resources:  

  • Apply for University Funds: Have an idea for an event but don’t have the funds to execute it? You are able to apply for funding through the Student Finance Committee. For more information, contact the ASNMU treasurer/Student Finance Committee chairperson in the ASNMU Office (1203 Northern Center, 906-227-2452). Many student organizations have sponsored a speaker or an entertainer that reflects the interests of their group.

  • Recognition of Accomplishments: Every April 500+ students and guests attend the Leadership Recognition Banquet where outstanding efforts by student organizations are recognized. In addition, accomplishments by student organizations are recognized throughout the year in the North Wind and by other means.

  • New Student Interest Forms: Each spring, the Center for Student Enrichment asks registered student organizations to update a short description of their group. These are included in the student organization newspaper that is distributed to new student orientation participants, along with an interest card. Orientation participants complete the cards and then a list of students interested in each student organization is sent out. Additional membership recruitment opportunities include annual programs such as Fall Fest.

  • Advice and Assistance:  When you enter the Center for Student Enrichment, you will find friendly staff who are available to answer questions and discuss ideas or concerns you may have about your student organization. Call on us; we are here to help!