Publicizing Student Events

Whether it is for an open meeting, a small event or a campus-wide program, there is a need to let people know about it.  How you inform people is usually determined by the size and scope of your event, your budget, and in some cases by the amount of time that you have.  Try to develop a promotional plan that fits the audience you are trying to reach.

Following are some promotional methods to consider.

Free Publicity!Student offering free hugs

  • Submit your information to be included in Student Connect, a bi-weekly update of campus programs and activities. Student Connect is emailed to all students and other members of the campus community every week during the academic year. To have your event included, go to and click "Submit News, Events, and Announcements" (green box in the right column). NOTE: Student Connect is intended for those events and activities that would be of interest to the general student body.
  • Contact the student newspaper, The North Wind (, 906-227-2545, Gries Hall) and ask to have your event or activity placed in the “What’s Happening” section. Ask if your event or activity is of sufficient interest for a story to be done on it. This should be done by 4 p.m. Monday in order to have it printed in the following Wednesday’s edition.
  • Contact WUPX, the student radio station (, 906-227-2348, 1204 Northern Center), and ask to have a public service announcement made about your event.
  • Send a student announcement to all students through Student Connect.  This can be done online at (click on "Submit News, Events, and Announcements" - green box in the right column).  
  • Request that your event be promoted on the scoreboard and with public address announcements at Wildcat football and hockey games.  Contact the Athletic Department at 906-227-1193.
  • Promote your event with a slide at Campus Cinema films screenings.  Send a slide to
  • If your event is primarily for students in a particular academic department, ask the departmental faculty to mention it in class.
  • Consider starting a facebook group for your event or activity.
  • Sidewalks can be chalked to promote an event or activity.  Chalking has to be at least 20 feet from building entrances.  Note:  Chalking on poles, walls, etc. (anything other than a sidewalk) is not permitted.  
  • Add your event to the NMU Master Calendar of Events.  Anyone with an NMU User ID and password can do this.
  • If your event might have some appeal in the community, ask the University Marketing & Communications Office (409 Cohodas, 906-227-2720) to send out a press release to all local media.  Do this well in advance!


Students cleaning a yardNOTE:  For all of these forms of promotion you will need to provide basic information that includes the name of the program, a short description, date, time, location, ticket information (if applicable), sponsor and who can be contacted for more information.

Publicity for a Price

  • Have a poster and/or a table announcement designed and printed.  These items can be designed by your members or, for a nominal charge, by Promotional Services (1101 Northern Center, 906-227-1623,  Printing can be done by Printing Services (Services Building, 906-227-2454).  It takes 128 posters to cover the entire campus, and you may want to consider placing some in the community.  Please reference the posting policy.  Posting locations are listed here.
  • North Wind ads. Contact the North Wind at 906-227-2545 for current rates.  Ad space must be reserved by 4 p.m. on the Monday of the week you want the ad to appear.  Ads can be designed by your members, the North Wind, or by Promotional Services (906-227-1623, 1101 Northern Center,

As always, try to think of a unique or innovative way of promoting your event or activity. Things that are new and different stand out!