Promoting Your Organization

Here are some quick ideas for promoting your organization:

  1. Buy organization T-shirts, sweatshirts or jackets.
  2. Participate in Homecoming and WinterFest.
  3. Get involved in a major community service project (Make A Difference Day, Special Olympics, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Day of Service, or one that is unique to your organization).
  4. Apply for a student organization award: Diversity Event/Project of the Year, Community Service Award, Project of the Year, Event of the Year, Organization of the Year (University Supported), and/or Organization of the Year
  5. Take pictures of your organization in action and submit them to the Center for Student Enrichment ( for inclusion in the slide show at the Leadership Recognition Banquet.  Your pictures might also appear in a future publication or on our Web site.
  6. Sponsor a campus program or event.
  7. Attend an athletic event as a group with your organization shirts/sweatshirts.
  8. Put up a display about your organization in Harden Hall and/or inquire about a display case in the Northern Center.  Contact the Center for Student Enrichment (1101 Northern Center, 906-227-2439) for arrangements.
  9. Plan now to participate in early fall recruitment activities next year (Fall Fest, etc.).
  10. Develop and maintain a Web page that explains and promotes your organization.
  11. Escort new people to their first meeting. Remember how scary it can be to walk into a room full of strangers.
  12. Know what makes your organization special, what sets it apart from other organizations.
  13. Get attention!  Use posters, flyers and table tents with a creative message.