Joining a Greek Organization

Becoming a fraternity or sorority member can be a wonderful and life-changing experience. Some things to keep in mind:Greek Life

  • Fraternities and sororities at Northern Michigan University have a tradition of providing great service to the community. Greek organizations also offer excellent opportunities for members to grow as individuals and leaders. Greek community service projects and leadership experiences are excellent activities for Northern’s Superior Edge.
  • Each sorority and fraternity has a specific minimum grade point average; contact chapter presidents for more information.  You are encouraged to help make scholarship and academic achievement a defining characteristic of your fraternity or sorority.
  • Each Greek organization has its own “personality.” You should consider checking out all of them before deciding which one to join.
  • Hazing has never been a major problem at Northern Michigan University, and we are all working to ensure that it never becomes one. Hazing is defined as “any intentional or unintentional act(s) which embarrasses, injures, frightens, degrades, or endangers any member or prospective member of an organization or group.” If you ever have a question or concern regarding hazing, please contact Greek Affairs staff in the Center for Student Enrichment (1101 Northern Center, 227-1772,
  • Responsible use of alcohol is expected by the members of Greek organizations. This includes abiding by all institutional, state, local, and FIPG guidelines regarding the possession, consumption, sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages on a fraternity’s or sorority’s premises or at any entertainment or function given in the name of or for the benefit of the fraternity or sorority. If you have a question or concern regarding the responsible use of alcohol, please contact Greek Affairs staff in the Center for Student Enrichment (1101 Northern Center, 227-1772,
  • Once you become a new recruit/associate/new member of a Greek Letter Social Organization, you will be required to attend a Risk Management Workshop. This workshop will cover topics such as alcohol-related issues, hazing issues, dating miscommunication and violence concerns, and sexual health issues.

If you're interested in bringing a new fraternity to campus, please fill out this form and email it to the Greek Council president (Morgan Kolimaga,  

If you're interested in bringing a new sorority to campus, please contact the Panhellenic Council president (Morgan Kolimaga,  

For any questions regarding colonization, see Article 1 of the Invitational Agreement or call Julia Santa Maria at 906-227-1772.