Leadership Recognition Banquet

2019-20 Award Winners Announced!

The Leadership Recognition Banquet has become a very special occasion and tradition at Northern Michigan University.  The Leadership Recognition Banquet is an opportunity to recognize students, advisers, and student organizations for their contributions to the campus community.  It occurs every April with over 500 student leaders and their advisers in attendance.  Winners of six special awards for student organizations are honored at the Leadership Recognition Banquet.

Student Organization Awards

2019-2020 Student Organization Award Application

Leadership Recognition Banquet Award Criteria and Descriptions

Pictures Needed


student organization
Show off your student organization at the Leadership Recognition Banquet by submitting photos of your group in action throughout the year! Student organization photos will be displayed during the banquet's slide show. Send your photos to ckamps@nmu.edu so your organization is represented!


Organization of the Year (General)
Recognizes an outstanding student group that has built a solid organization and has achieved success in accomplishing its goals.

2019-20 recipient:  Conservation Crew
2018-19 recipient:  Health Promotion Society (HPO)
2017-18 recipient:  EcoReps
2016-17 recipient:  Marquette Ending Hunger
2015-16 recipient:  Elementary Education Math Club
2014-15 recipient:  Figure Skating Club
2013-14 recipient:  Relay for Life
2012-13 recipient:  Club Baseball
2011-12 recipient:  Student Nurses Association
2010-11 recipient:  Northern Michigan Constructors
2009-10 recipient:  Women for Women
2008-09 recipient:  Student Athletic Training Organization (SATO)
2007-08 recipient:  Northern Michigan Constructors
2006-07 recipient:  Organization for Outdoor Recreation Professionals
2005-06 recipient:  Tau Kappa Epsilon
2004-05 recipient:  Public Relations Student Society of America
2003-04 recipient:  Black Student Union
2002-03 recipient:  Culinary Students of NMU (CSNMU)
2001-02 recipient:  Crew
2000-01 recipient:  NASA
1999-00 recipient:  Phi Sigma Sigma
1998-99 recipient:  Circle K
1997-98 recipient:  Copper Country Pride
1996-97 recipient:  American Marketing Association
1995-96 recipient:  Catholic Campus Ministry

Conservation Crew

Organization of the Year (University Supported)
Recognizes an organization that receives substantial support (financial, advisement, etc.) from Northern Michigan University, has a campus-wide mission, has built a solid organization, and does an excellent job of performing its defined role. Organizations included in this category are:    

  • Campus Cinema
  • Eco Reps
  • The North Wind
  • Northern Arts & Entertainment
  • Northern Michigan Artist Discovery
  • Marching Band
  • Platform Personalities
  • PrimeTime Productions
  • Special Events Committee
  • Student Art Gallery
  • Student Finance Committee
  • WUPX

2019-20 recipient:  Special Events Committee
2018-19 recipient:  Campus Cinema
2017-18 recipient:  The North Wind
2016-17 recipient:  ASNMU
2015-16 recipient:  Wildcat Marching Band
​2014-15 recipient:  Campus Cinema
2013-14 recipient:  PrimeTime Productions
2012-13 recipient:  Northern Arts & Entertainment
2011-12 recipient:  Special Events Committee
2010-11 recipient:  Student Finance Committee
2009-10 recipient:  The North Wind
2008-09 recipient:  First Aid Productions
2007-08 recipient:  WUPX - Radio X
2006-07 recipient:  Primetime Productions
2005-06 recipient:  Northern Arts & Entertainment
2004-05 recipient:  Campus Cinema
2003-04 recipient:  Platform Personalities
2002-03 recipient:  Platform Personalities
2001-02 recipient:  Northern Arts & Entertainment
2000-01 recipient:  Primetime Productions
1999-00 recipient:  ASNMU
1998-99 recipient:  AITP
1997-98 recipient:  WUPX
1996-97 recipient:  Northern Arts & Entertainment
1995-96 recipient:  First Impressions

Special Events Committee

Community Service Award
Recognizes the organization that has demonstrated the highest degree of volunteer service contributions to the surrounding Upper Peninsula communities during the academic year. Factors such as quantity of participants and quality of project outcomes will be considered. The award can also be given to an organization that has done one outstanding project.

2019-20 recipient:  Northern Michigan Constructors
2018-19 recipient:  Food Recovery Network
2017-18 recipient:  Beta Alpha Psi
2016-17 recipient:  Northern Michigan Constructors
2015-16 recipient:  Marquette Ending Hunger
2014-15 recipient:  
EEGS Garden Club
2013-14 recipient:  Pre-Veterinary Club
2012-13 recipient:  Northern Michigan Constructors
2011-12 recipient:  Mu Beta Psi
2010-11 recipient:  Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)
2009-10 recipient:  Northern Michigan Constructors
2008-09 recipient:  Power Sports Club
2007-08 recipient:  Relay for Life
2006-07 recipient:  Student Social Work Organization
2005-06 recipient:  Northern Michigan Constructors
2004-05 recipient:  Lambda Chi Alpha
2003-04 recipient:  Tau Kappa Epsilon
2002-03 recipient:  Lambda Chi Alpha
2001-02 recipient:  Circle K
2000-01 recipient:  Copper Country Pride
1999-00 recipient:  Alpha Phi Omega
1998-99 recipient:  Copper Country Pride
1997-98 recipient:  Lions Club
1996-97 recipient:  Above & Beyond House
1995-96 recipient:  Student Habitat for Humanity
1994-95 recipient:  Student Social Work/Sociology Organization
1993-94 recipient:  Phi Sigma Sigma

Northern Michigan Constructors

Event of the Year
Recognizes an outstanding effort by an organization to plan, promote, and implement a single event during the year.

2019-20 recipient:  Platform Personalities - Kristian Nairn "Game of Thrones"
2018-19 recipient:  Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) - Marquette Women's March Post-Reception:  "Wave of Feminism"
2017-18 recipient:  Birch & Cedar East Halls & Magers Hall - Condomonium
2016-17 recipient:  Marquette Rotaract Club - Marquette Mobile Food Pantry
2015-16 recipient:  Women for Women - LeadHERship
2014-15 recipient:  Marquette Ending Hunger - NMU Fights Famine
2013-14 recipient:  Culinary Students of NMU (CSNMU) - Memorial Chili Challenge
2012-13 recipient:  Honors Student Organization - Bill Nye
2011-12 recipient:  Platform Personalities - The Buried Life
2010-11 recipient:  Graduate Student Association - Graduate Professional Development Conference
2009-10 recipient:  Student Law Forum - People's Law School
2008-09 recipient:  OUTlook - 12th Annual Drag Show
2007-08 recipient:  Northern Entrepreneurship Organization - Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour
2006-07 recipient:  Platform Personalities - Jodie Sweetin
2005-06 recipient:  PRSSA - Entertainment at USOEC Short Track Speedskating Trials
2004-05 recipient:  All Nations Club - International Food Fest
2003-04 recipient:  ASNMU - Higher Education Letter Program
2002-03 recipient:  VOX - The Vagina Monologues
2001-02 recipient:  ASNMU - Consignment Book Sale
2000-01 recipient:  Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Club - What's in a Doctor's Bag?
1999-00 recipient:  Golden Z - Celebrity Auction
1998-99 recipient:  OUTLook & Identity - Gloria Steinem
1997-98 recipient:  Tri Beta Biological Honor Society - Chocolay River Project
1996-97 recipient:  Mortar Board - Grades of Bay Cliff
1995-96 recipient:  Alpha Phi Omega - Lake Superior Village service
1994-95 recipient:  Golden Z - Parkview School service
1993-94 recipient:  Hunt Hall - Hunt Hall Havoc
1992-93 recipient:  ASNMU - Rock the Vote

Platform Personalities

Project of the Year
Recognizes an outstanding effort by an organization to plan and implement a project that benefited the campus and/or community during this past year.

2019-20 recipient:  COVID-19 None Selected
2018-19 recipient:  Ripple Effect - Winter Weather Clothing
2017-18 recipient:  Marquette Ending Hunger - Empty Bowls
2016-17 recipient:  Surgical Technology Club - Heart Project
2015-16 recipient:  Black Student Union - Recruitment Trip to Detroit & Chicago High Schools
2014-15 recipient:  PrimeTime Productions - Sexual Assault Awareness Programs
2013-14 recipient:  Student Psychological Association - Brain Awareness Week
2012-13 recipient:  Wildlife Society - Wolf Awareness Week
2011-12 recipient:  Circle K - 10th Annual 24-Hour Service Project
2010-11 recipient:  Relay for Life - Relay for Life
2009-10 recipient:  Chemistry Club - Science Night
2008-09 recipient:  Catholic Campus Ministry - Adopt a Family
2007-08 recipient:  Women for Women - Operation Save 2nd Base
2006-07 recipient:  ASNMU - After Hours Study Lounge
2005-06 recipient:  Phi Sigma Sigma - AIDS Mural
2004-05 recipient:  Blast from the Past House - Relay for Life


Diversity Program/Project of the Year 
Recognizes an outstanding effort by a student organization to plan, promote, and implement a single program/project during the year that promoted the understanding, appreciation, and embracing diversity.

2019-20 recipient:  COVID-19 - None Selected
2018-19 recipient:  Best Buddies - Inclusion Week
2017-18 recipient:  Black Student Union - Black History Month
2016-17 recipient:  Best Buddies - Spread the Word to End the Word
2015-16 recipient:  All About Korea - Cultures of Korea
2014-15 recipient:  Black Student Union - A Piece of Black History
2013-14 recipient:  Social Justice Committee - An Evening of Class
2012-13 recipient:  Black Student Union - Campus Transformation
2011-12 recipient:  Volunteer Center - Rural/Urban Service Exchange
2010-11 recipient:  Women for Women - Self-Acceptance Week
2009-10 recipient:  Platform Personalities - Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Refuse to be Silent
2008-09 recipient:  Honors Student Organization & Platform Personalities - The Girl in the Picture
2007-08 recipient:  Promoters for Non-Violent Peace Resolution - Invisible Children
2006-07 recipient:  Platform Personalities - John Dau
2005-06 recipient:  Black Student Union & Northern Arts & Entertainment - Step Afrika!
2004-05 recipient:  Phi Alpha Theta - 2nd Annual Holocaust Awareness Project
2003-04 recipient:  OUTlook - Debra Davis
2002-03 recipient:  Black Student Union - Soul Food Dinner
2001-02 recipient:  Northern Arts & Entertainment - Mystical Arts of Tibet
2000-01 recipient:  NASA - Pow Wow
1999-00 recipient:  Platform Personalities/Northern Arts & Entertainment/Honors Club - Maya Angelou
1998-99 recipient:  NASA - Native American Heritage Month


Adviser of the Year
Recognizes an individual who has done an outstanding job in her/her role as an adviser to a student organization.

2019-20 recipient:  Evelyn Massaro, Radio X
2018-19 recipient:  Stephen Grugin, Wildcat Marching Band
2017-18 recipient:  Michael Joy, Quiz Bowl Team
2016-17 recipient:  Marsha Lucas, Pre-Physician Assistant Club
2015-16 recipient:  Chris Kibit, Culinary Students of NMU (CSNMU)

2014-15 recipient:  Andrew Poe, Northern Lights A Cappella
2013-14 recipient:  Michael Joy, Quiz Bowl Team
2012-13 recipient:  Henry Balfanz, Circle K
2011-12 recipient:  Kate Sartori, Women for Women
2010-11 recipient:  Faith Nelson, Student Nurses Association
2009-10 recipient:  Steve Nelson, Student Law Forum
2008-09 recipient:  John Kiltinen, Finn Club
2007-08 recipient:  Wally Niebauer, PRSSA
2006-07 recipient:  Steve Thompson, Circle K
2005-06 recipient:  John Lawrence, Alpine Ski Team
2004-05 recipient:  Don Peterman, Lambda Chi Alpha
2003-04 recipient:  Daryl Davis, Crew
2002-03 recipient:  Wally Niebauer, Public Relations Student Society of America
2001-02 recipient:  John Frick & Charles Ganzert, WUPX
2000-01 recipient:  April Lindala, Diversity Student Alliance/NASA
1999-00 recipient:  Claudia Orr, Alpha Kappa Psi
1998-99 recipient:  Ed Niemi, ASNMU
1997-98 recipient:  Sister Cathy Mills, Catholic Campus Ministry

Evelyn Massaro

Michael D. Nunnally Individual Student Volunteer Award.
Purpose: Recognizes an outstanding NMU student volunteer who has made an impact on the community through service.

2019-20 recipient:  Elizabeth Mansfield
2018-19 recipient:  Maija Mattson
2017-18 recipient:  Michaela McLeod
2016-17 recipient:  Matthew Trefilek
2015-16 recipient:  Benjamin Harris
2014-15 recipient:  Katy Meade

2013-14 recipient:  Sara Hujar
​2012-13 recipient:  Brendan Franklin
2011-12 recipient:  Rachael Williams
2010-11 recipient:  Courtney Brown
2009-10 recipient:  Kurt Brandly
2008-09 recipient:  Meghan Connell
2007-08 recipient:  Danielle Foulks
2006-07 recipient:  Jeron Schmidt
2005-06 recipient:  Mary Raymond
2004-05 recipient:  Nathan Lehman
2003-04 recipient:  Christopher Leemon
2002-03 recipient:  Eric Chase
2001-02 recipient:  Chris Mosier
2000-01 recipient:
1999-00 recipient:
1998-99 recipient:
1997-98 recipient:
1996-97 recipient:
1995-96 recipient:  Loren Snyder (Board of Control Student Achievement Student Volunteer of the Year)
1994-95 recipient:  Polly Luoma (Board of Control Student Achievement Student Volunteer of the Year)

Elizabeth Mansfield