Instagram Story Requirements

Instagram Story Requirements
Instagram Story Requirements

Instagram Story Requirements

Sign-Up Requirements:


  • A student member must be present for the recording. Recording will take place in room 320 of the Edgar L. Harden Learning Resource Center on Mondays at noon, unless otherwise noted.  
  • The person being recorded for the Instagram Story must be a current NMU student and a member of the student organization being promoted.

Instagram Story Requirements:

  • Must be a campus-wide event open to all students
  • Event must be hosted/coordinated by a registered student organization.
  • General announcements such as information about bake sales and weekly meetings will not be allowed.
  • Student organizations can sign-up for a slot once a month or three times a semester. (Same policy for CSE programs/projects).
  • Student organizations cannot promote outside businesses.  
  • Athletics: only registered student organization sports clubs can sign-up for a slot. Varsity athletics will not be included.
  • NMU Departments: cannot sign-up for a slot unless a student organization is coordinating the event.

To Sign-Up:

Call 906-227-2439, email, or stop by the Center for Student Enrichment, 1205 University Center, to check availability and sign-up for an Instagram Story slot.