Guidelines for Student Organization Fundraising Activities

Many student organizations conduct fundraising activities as a means for financing their other projects and events.  These guidelines have been prepared in order to allow these activities to take place in a manner that does not interfere with the day-to-day operation of the University.

I.  On-Campus Fundraising

A,  Registered student organizations may conduct fundraising activities on campus only after receiving written approval by the Director of the Center for Student Enrichment or his/her designee.

  1.   An organization requesting approval for a fundraising activity must submit an Activity Request Form and include the nature of the fundraising activity and any University facilities or equipment to be utilized.
  2.   The Activity Request Form must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the planned activity in order to allow sufficient time for approval and preparation.

B.  Requirements for registered student organization on-campus fundraising activities include:

  1. The University normally does not assess fees for student organization use of facilities or equipment if there is no admission charge.  If an activity requires special equipment set-ups, a fee may be charged to offset the costs involved.
  2. University facilities, equipment and services may not be used for fundraising events if it appears that the funds are designed for personal use by members or for the primary benefit of commercial sponsors.
  3. Approval for fundraising projects is not transferable from one student organization to another.
  4. Organizations which conduct fundraising projects must comply with all University, local and state regulations.

C.  Registered student organizations wishing to conduct a fundraising activity in the residence halls need to be award of the following guidelines and requirements:

  1. In addition to completing the Activity Request Form, a Residence Hall Common Area Use Application form must be completed for each residence hall in which an organization wishes to conduct its fundraising activity.  Completed application forms must be submitted no later than 10 days prior to the date of the activity.
  2. Each Resident Director shall determine the scheduling (number, time, type, etc.) of the fundraising activities to be conducted in his/her residence hall and/or lobby area.
  3. Registered student organizations within a residence hall shall have priority within that hall, provided that their applications are received prior to the 10-day deadline.
  4. Priority for consideration from outside of each hall shall be determined by the date and time that the application was received by the Housing and Residence Life staff provided that they application is received prior to the 10-day deadline.
  5. A Resident Director, at his/her discretion, may consider a late application to conduct a fundraising activity in his/her residence hall in the event that no application(s) for the requested dates has been received prior to the 10-day deadline.
  6. A member of the organization applying for approval to conduct a fundraising activity will receive notice of approval or rejection no later than 5 days prior to the proposed date of the activity.  The completed Residence Hall Common Area Use Application form must be carried by those students who conduct the fundraising activity and must be shown to any residence hall staff member who requests to see it.
  7. Registered student organizations who conduct fundraising activities in the residence halls are responsible for cleaning up any litter produced as a result of the activity and for replacing any furniture used to conduct the activity.
  8. Any registered student organization found not complying with the provisions and/or procedures outlined above may be subject to judicial proceedings as outline in the Student Code or University Ordinance.  In addition, such groups may jeopardize future approval of other requests or fundraising activities in the residence halls.

II.  Off-Campus Fundraising

Organizations wishing to participate in off-campus fundraising activities should contact the appropriate officials at least two weeks in advance of the date(s) intended for such activities.  Advance notice is necessary to insure that proper arrangements can be made.

Organizations must also register their off-campus fundraiser with the Center for Student Enrichment through an Activity Request Form.