Facilities Use Policy

For most purposes, University facilities are made available free of charge to student organizations for their meetings and activities.  Reservations are made by completing the Activity Request Form.  Following are occasions for which student organizations normally reserve University facilities and the guidelines governing such use.

I.  Conducting Meetings

A representative from a registered student organization may request Northern Center rooms, classrooms or other university facilities in order to conduct meetings.  An Activity Request Form can be submitted for each meeting, or in cases where organizations are meeting on a regular basis, one form can be submitted for the entire semester.  For meetings in the Northern Center, rooms can be requested for up to two semesters in advance.  The university reserves the right to terminate the use of facilities privileges for reason of non-use, abuse, or failure to enforce university regulations and to reassign reserved facilities when necessary.

II.  Programs and Other Single Occasion Activities

When a member of a registered student organization is completing an Activity Request Form for a program or any other single occasion activity, he/she will be asked to submit this form at least two weeks in advance of the planned activity in order to allow sufficient time for approval and preparation.  This form shall contain, in addition to the information regarding the facility to be used, a description of the activity, an estimate of the maximum number of people who will attend the activity, and the admission charge, if any.  Other information may be needed by the Director of the Center for Student Enrichment or his/her designee in the orderly implementation of the activity and the safety of persons in attendance.

III.  Fundraising Projects

Registered organizations may conduct fundraising projects on campus only after receiving written approval. Fundraising requests are made on an Activity Request Form and approved by the Director of the Center for Student Enrichment or his/her designee.

University facilities and services may not be used for fundraising events if it appears that the funds are designed for personal use by members or for the primary benefit of commercial sponsors.  For more information on fundraising activities, please refer to Guidelines for Student Organization Fundraising Activities.