Connection Speeds

  1. Dial-up modem - usually 38 - 45k
  2. Broadband Connections
    DSL or "digital subscriber line" - The download speed of DSL ranges from 128 kbit/s (kilobits per second) to 24,000 kbit/s depending on DSL technology and service level implemented.  Typically, DSL has a speed of 1,500 kbit/s.

    Subscriber wireless - check with your local wireless provider for connection speed.

    Cable modem -  cable modem is a special type of modem that is designed to modulate a data signal over cable television infrastructure. Cable modems are primarily used to deliver broadband Internet access, taking advantage of unused bandwidth on a cable television network. - 1.5 - 3mb (a wireless router / access point attached to your cable modem sharply reduces the connection speed)

  3. NMU Supported Connections
  • off-campus WiMAX
  • on-campus wireless "NMU" & "NMURES" - 1100 kbit/s to 5400 kbit/s
  • on-campus LAN or "local area network" (orange Ethernet jacks) - 10,000 kbit/s

Connection Methods

Dial-up modem DSL Subscriber Wireless (non NMU) Cable Modem NMU On-Campus Wireless NMU On-Campus LAN NMU WiMAX Services
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