TLC Program for Online and Part-time Students

In some cases, a student’s tuition and fees do not include the use of an NMU issued notebook computer (for example, online students and undergraduate part-time students taking fewer than 12 credit hours).  If you are an online or part-time student, you may choose to opt in to the TLC program because you need access to an NMU-issued notebook computer and the software that accompanies it. 

If you choose to participate in the TLC program, a fee is automatically charged to your student account when you are issued a computer. The fee is $385 per semester for the ThinkPad.   Art and Design students are assessed a fee of $535 per semester and are issued an Apple MacBook. 

If you currently own a computer and are not sure if opting into the TLC program is right for you, comparing the technical description of the NMU notebook computer with the capabilities of your own computer might help you decide. 

If you wish to opt in to the TLC program, contact the Asset Management office at 906-227-1422 or