Student Info

Welcome, online and distance education learners. We are pleased that you are interested in Northern Michigan University's growing list of online and hybrid (part online, part on-campus) programs and courses.

Our goal is to meet your learning and service needs at the same high standard we do for on-campus students. Whether that means assisting you with registering for classes, helping you learn about financial aid, providing you with tutoring assistance or advising you through your program, we want you to find learning online or off-campus convenient.

NMU has designed online degree courses and programs to facilitate learning while allowing for flexible instruction. You will find that not all courses will be conducted in an identical manner. For instance, some may include chat-room use and discussion groups while others may not. Once you have registered for courses, contact each instructor for further details on how his or her course will be delivered.

All NMU online courses are taught through our NMU EduCat™ Learning Management System, which is powered by Moodle. To learn more about how EduCat can help you view course materials, communicate with instructors and fellow students, complete assignments and quizzes, view grades and monitor your progress, view the instructional material available through the EduCat home page.

In many instances, you will be referred to information or services available on MyNMU, which is the official NMU student services network. Here you have access to register for courses, receive grades, look at your transcript and manage e-mail.

If you have additional questions, suggestions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please check back here regularly, as our course offerings change each semester and new programs are being developed.

Questions regarding textbooks, syllabi for courses, the possible necessity of a proctor for exams and other non-technical questions are best answered by your instructors.