Simulation Staff

Photo of Nancy Maas

Nancy Maas, MSN, RN, FNP-BC, CNE
Simulation Education Coordinator

Nancy has expertise in simulation design, implementation, and evaluation processes.  She attends national conferences for updates and to learn new teaching strategies with simulation.  She serves as a resource to faculty for the incorporation of simulated experiences in course planning.  Nancy develops scenarios and written scripts to meet defined learning objectives for specific programs and courses.  She assists with the operation of the simulator and teaching during simulation sessions. 

Photo of Julie Dobson

Julie Dobson, MPA, BSN, RN
Nursing Support/Simulation Specialist

Julie assists faculty with simulation technology regarding operating, training, and maintaining patient simulators.  Julie attends national simulation conferences to keep up with current information and standards.  She orders specialized equipment and supplies needed for the simulation labs and manages the monies that are directed to be used in simulation.  She serves as the person responsible for maintenance and repair of the simulators and lab settings and works with vendors to resolve any issues with products and services.  Julie coordinates with outside agencies and groups that want to use the simulation labs with scheduling, training, and contracts.