Simulation Labs

Photo of the exterior of the simulations labsNorthern Michigan University has multiple simulation labs that allow students to learn patient care in a safe, nonthreatening, controlled environment.  NMU Simulation labs are simulated patient care settings that are equipped with realistic patient simulators, furnishings, and supplies that would be necessary to provide real patient care.  This includes hospital beds, IV fluid/medication set-up, oxygen set-up, suction, and electronic medical records.  Our patient simulators range from low fidelity to high fidelity which can be described as the level of realism.  For example, some of the features of our high fidelity, or highly realistic, manikin Laerdal SimMan 3G™ include heart, lung, and bowel sounds, blinking, talking, sweating, IV access, chest rise and fall, and pulses. 

To learn more about each simulation lab, click on the links below or take a quick tour on YouTube.















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