PN Admission Application

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Personal Information

Is your permanent address the same as your current address?(Required)

Please update the department with changes in your mailing address or contact phone number, especially during the summer as needed.

Course Information

Please indicate whether you have completed or when you will complete the following:

Taken Where
BI 104 (or)
BI 201/202 (or)
BI 207/208
HN 210 (or)
HN 301 A&B
AH 102
**AH 107 (or)
*NU 221
**Usually taken in Fall semester of PN program
OIS 171
*HP 200
If admitted to NMU prior to Fall 2016.


Please attach to this application: a copy of your unofficial NMU student transcript and/or transcripts from all colleges or universities you have attended with an NMU Transfer Credit Evaluation of your credits received at these colleges or universities. PLEASE NOTE - TRANSFER STUDENTS: YOU MUST BE ADMITTED INTO NORTHERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY BEFORE YOU APPLY TO THE PRACTICAL NURSING PROGRAM.

For office use only:

BI 104
HN 210
AH 102 AH 107/
NU 221
OIS 171 HP 200

Admit__________ Provisional Admit__________ Not Admit__________

Additional Information

Are you currently enrolled at Northern Michigan University?(Required)
If not currently enrolled at NMU, have you been informed by letter of your acceptance to this university?
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Have you previously applied for admission to the Practical Nursing Program?(Required)
Are you currently a certified nursing assistant?(Required)

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Admission Process:

The Admissions Committee in the Department of Practical Nursing will meet at the conclusion of the winter semester. Each applicant will receive a letter from the School of Nursing informing him/her of their admission status. Students who are not admitted on the first application may reapply for the next admission cycle the following year.

Admission to the Practical Nursing clinical sequence of courses is limited. The School of Nursing’s Practical Nursing Department Admissions Committee reserves the right to select students to be admitted. Admission into the clinical nursing sequence is based upon a student’s cumulative GPA in the prerequisite courses. Students who have the highest GPA in the prerequisite courses will be admitted first until the class is filled. Not all students who have met the minimum standards will be admitted if the space is not available.

To be considered for admission into the practical nursing clinical program, students must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Must have met all NMU admission requirements and be in good standing.
  2. Must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) in all the prerequisite college courses required in the program with no grade below "C". In addition, students must have a cumulative NMU GPA of 2.0.
  3. Must have successfully passed all required prerequisite Practical nursing courses after a maximum of two attempts. This includes: AH 102, BI 104 (or BI 201/202 or BI 207/208), HN 210 (or HN 301A/301B), OIS 171, and HP 200*. Also included is AH 107 or NU 221, if taken prior to admission to the program.

Practical Nursing students are notified of acceptance or rejection by the end of May.

Retention in the LPN Program Nursing Sequence:

For a student to remain in the nursing sequence they need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Maintain a minimum overall GPA of a 2.0 in all nursing courses and an overall NMU GPA of 2.0. Achieve a “C” in all nursing classes (AH, NU, and PN).
  2. Adhere to the University Student Code and Practical Nursing Student Policies.
  3. Demonstrate a pattern of safe clinical practice to commensurate with their educational experience to date.
Do you understand that the faculty reserves the right to select the applicants who shall be admitted and that action by the Admissions Committee in the Department of Practical Nursing is provisional pending receipt of evidence that all pre-nursing requirements have been met?(Required)

Core Performance Standards

Potential PN Students: Please read the following statements carefully.

Nursing is an occupation, which involves daily contact with individuals and requires ability to perform a wide variety of activities. Some individuals might not be suited to perform the activities of a registered nurse. Many hospitals require physical examination, laboratory testing and x-rays prior to hiring an individual to rule out pre-existing conditions, which could cause problems in performing the expected duties. If you have any condition, which might impair your ability to perform the activities required of a practical nurse, you might wish to reconsider applying for admission to the nursing major. Indicated below are core performance standards for admission and progression in the PN program.

Core Performance
Examples of Necessary Activities (not all inclusive)
Communication abilities sufficient for interaction with others in verbal and written form. Explain treatment procedures, initiate health-teaching, document and interpret nursing actions and client responses.
Physical abilities sufficient to move from room to room and maneuver in small spaces. Move around in client rooms, workspaces and treatment areas, and administer cardio-pulmonary procedures.
Motor Skills
Gross and fine motor abilities sufficient to provide safe and effective nursing care. Calibrate and use equipment, position clients, administer medications orally and parenterally.
Auditory ability sufficient to monitor and assess health needs. Hears monitor alarms, emergency signals, auscultatory sounds, cries for help.
Visual ability sufficient for observation and assessment necessary in nursing care. Observes client responses; recognizes subtle physical changes.
Tactile ability sufficient for physical assessment and performance of skilled nursing activities. Performs palpation, functions of physical examination and/or those activities related to therapeutic nursing interventions, e.g. insertion of a catheter or starting and IV.

Practical Nursing Admission Criteria Scoring Grid

Category I - Cumulative GPA (Use Transfer GPA if student has less than 12 NMU credits. If student has accrued ≥ 12 NMU credits use NMU GPA).

4.0-3.75 3.74-3.5 3.49-3.25 3.24-3.0 2.99-2.75 2.74-2.5 2.49-2.25 2.24-2.0
24 21 18 15 12 9 6 3

Category II - Prerequisite Course GPA

A A- B+ B B- C+ C C-
BI 104 or
BI 201 & BI 202
BI 207 & BI 208
10.0 8.75 7.50 6.25 5.00 3.75 2.50 1.25
AH 102 10.00 8.75 7.50 6.25 5.00 3.75 2.50 1.25
OIS 171 5.00 4.50 4.00 3.50 3.00 2.50 2.00 1.50

Most recent grades in anatomy and physiology will be used for scoring. To meet the pre-requisite requirement, students must complete BI104, OR a combination of either BI201 and BI202, OR BI207 and BI208. If BI201/202 were previously completed, BI207 may be taken to replace the grade in BI201, and BI208 may be taken to replace the grade in BI202. These replacement grades will be considered within the School of Nursing for purposes of admission, but the grade will not be replaced by the University on the student’s transcript. Note: “C-” is not acceptable grade for prerequisite courses in School of Nursing programs. Students must have grade of “C” or higher for prerequisite requirement to be met.

Category III - Previous Licensure (maximum of 5 points)

Certified Nurses' Aid or

Student must be able to provide documentation of certification.

Category IV - ≥ 12 credits completed at NMU

Completed at NMU 5