HN Policy

HN 210: Nutrition for Humans and AH 201: Nutrition for Health Professions I

Policy and guidelines as they affect practical nursing students
Licensed practical nurses who took their nutrition course (HN 210) at NMU and who later enroll in the LPN to BSN program at Northern may substitute HN 210 for both AH 201 and AH 202 (HN 301A and HN 301B). The faculty adviser must fill out the paperwork for this substitution and forward it to the Degree Audit office.

All transfer students from other schools (including LPNs) who transfer credit for a nutrition course equivalent to HN 210 will be required to enroll in AH 202. 

Policy and guidelines for Human Nutrition.

All other students in the nursing program who do not fit the above categories:
Any student who is not a nurse and is in our BSN program is required to take both AH 201 and AH 202 (previously HN 301A and HN 301B).

*NOTE: Starting in the fall 2019 semester, AH 201 replaces HN 301A and AH 202 replaces HN 301B. The course content is the same. Only the department and course numbers have changed.