Financial Information

The RN to BSN online program is a year round program.  In order to best utilize your financial aid resources you will need to be aware of how the aid programs work.  While the Federal Pell Grant program is available on a year round basis, the Federal Direct Loans are typically awarded on an academic year schedule.  With the Federal Direct Loan program, all of the annual eligibility will be identified and awarded over the Fall and Winter semesters.  Therefore, if you will need student loan assistance for the summer semester, you may consider returning a portion of your student loans from the year, so that these funds are available for the summer. 

Types of Aid and Application Process

  • Degree seeking students are eligible for financial aid.  Students seeking financial assistance will need to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form  (Can this be linked to the following website: and designate Northern Michigan University as a recipient.  Our federal school code for the FAFSA is 002301.  Additional information regarding the financial aid process can be found at the Global Campus Financial Aid home page ( ). 

Student Loan Deferment

  • If you have been out of school and paying on your federal student loans, you may be eligible to defer these payments.  You must be enrolled at least halftime (6 credits in the traditional semester) in order to qualify.   NMU sends rosters of qualifying students to a federal database.  If you are not automatically picked up on one of these lists, and are still receiving bills once you’ve begun classes, you can discuss this with the Financial Aid Office ( ). 

Overage Checks

  • To be eligible for an overage, your financial aid must be more than your tuition and fees and all document requirements must be completed.  Overage checks are generally available on the first day of classes each semester by either signing up for direct deposit or picking the check up in person.  The Student Service Center handles the distribution of overage checks. 

Other Information

  • You are expected to familiarize yourself with the rights and responsibilities you have as a financial aid recipient.  Correspondence from the Financial Aid Office will be sent to your NMU e-mail address.  Please be sure to check this account often.  You can view your financial aid information online at any time by going to 

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