Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

  • Conference Room is located at 1701 West Science.
  • Skills Practice Room is located at 1703 West Science.
  • Private Testing Room is located at 1609D West Science.

The NTC conference room can be used for small group discussion, lecture or presentations. Students can schedule the room at the Front Desk. The Skills Practice Room is set up with models, manikins, supplies and equipment for students to practice their nursing skills. The Private Testing Room is reserved by faculty for students with special needs, for make-up exams or other special circumstances.


What you will find in the Conference Rooms:

  • Seats for 12
  • TV/VCR/DVD Player
  • White Board
  • Projector Screen
  • 2 Network Connections
  • LCD Projector (must be ordered from Instructional Design & Technology, ext. 2290)