Chemistry Placement for BSN Majors


For those students that have not taken and passed a high school chemistry course, it is highly recommended that you take CH 105 then CH 109.Take the math placement test and qualify for MA100 or higher to enroll in either CH 105 or CH 109. CH 105 is not a prerequisite for CH 109.

Students must take a Chemistry 109 readiness test to assess your readiness for CH 109. Contact the School of Nursing for further information.  Completion of CH 109 with a C- grade or higher meets the nursing department chemistry prerequisite requirement.

If you are interested in practicing before you take the Chemistry 109 Readiness Test, please take a practice test.  Complete the practice test using only your own core knowledge and after you have finished the test, click here to find the correct answers.  Do not use the answer sheet to “study” prior to taking the test because this will not properly prepare you for success on the examination. It is critical for you to have the experience of thinking through the questions and to have an assessment of how much more you need to study before taking the pre-placement test.

For more information regarding the math placement test, please visit MyNMU.