Series Schedule

Since 1989, the Performing Arts Series has brought world class entertainment and performance groups to NMU and the Marquette community.

Season  tickets will go on sale to the public on Saturday, Aug. 15  Family/season passes will be available at the Superior Dome ticket office and individual tickets will be available at all EZ ticket outlets or by calling 227-1032. Ticket prices are as follows:

Advance Tickets
Students/Under 18 - $5 advance
NMU Faculty & Staff/Seniors 60+ - $15 advance
General Public - $20 advance

Tickets at the Door
Students/Kids - $6
Faculty/Staff/Seniors 60+ - $17
General Public - $22

Season Passes
Students/Kids - $17
Faculty/Staff/Seniors 60+ - $50
General Public - $70

2015 - 2016 Performances


A Moving Sound

Taiwanese, Chinese and Asian musical fusion.
7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 29
Kaufman Auditorium

"Sheng Dong, or as it translates in English, A Moving Sound, is a performance company based in Taipei, Taiwan. A Moving Sound has created a new musical expression that fuses Taiwanese, Chinese and neighboring Asian musical ideas in inspired and engaging modern song compositions. Songs are performed on Chinese instruments such as the vertically held and bowed erhu and the Chinese guitar known as zhong ruan, as well as Western instruments. Transcendent vocals and dance by lead singer Mia Hsieh, transport listeners to and beyond the Far East to where only the highest art can take us.  Tom Pryor of World Music National Geographic, says that A Moving Sound is, “one of the most original outfits working in the world music arena today" Global Rhythm Magazine called their album, Songs Beyond Words, "...delicately balanced between many worlds, . . .provides an entryway to Eastern music and artful expression of the human condition...influences from China, Mongolia , Kazakhstan , India and other stopping points along the Silk Road.” Theodore C. Levin professor of ethnomusicology at Dartmouth College, says, "the music is really beautiful, and beautifully presented. It's just about the nicest music I've heard from the last WOMEX.""


Arabic-influenced world music ensemble

7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 6
Forest Roberts Theatre

"Wisaal, an Arabic-influenced world music ensemble based in Lansing, Michigan, was formed in February 2010. Wisaal is an Arabic word meaning links, connections, or unities. This reflects our attempt to present high-quality concert and educational presentations of music that fuse elements of the Arabic musical heritage with Klezmer, classical Indian, and American influences while respecting the spirit of these musics. Wisaal’s repertoire consists of classical Arabic instrumental pieces, contemporary fusion pieces, and original compositions. Arabic instruments - oud, percussion, and bass - are joined by Klezmer-influenced clarinet and American folk mandolin. Contemporary fusion pieces and original compositions combine these various influences and allow for extended improvisations that showcase the different improvisatory traditions represented in Wisaal.  In December 2011, Wisaal received the Excellence in Diversity Awards for “Excellence in Advancing Global Competency,” from Michigan State University."

Jayme Stone's Lomax Project

Bridging folk, jazz and chamber music.
Thursday, Feb. 11
Reynolds Recital Hall

"Focusing on songs collected by folklorist and field recording pioneer Alan Lomax, this collaboratory brings together some of North America’s most distinctive and creative roots musicians to revive, recycle and re-imagine traditional music. The repertoire includes Bahamian sea chanties, African-American acappella singing from the Georgia Sea Islands, ancient Appalachian ballads, fiddle tunes, and work songs collected from both well-known musicians and everyday folk: sea captains, cowhands, fishermen, prisoners and homemakers.  Two-time Juno-winning banjoist, composer and instigator Jayme Stone makes music inspired by sounds from around the world, bridging folk, jazz, and chamber music. His award-winning albums both defy and honor the banjo’s long role in the world’s music, turning historical connections into compelling music. The Boston Globe says of the “Lomax Project, “What results is a marvelous expression of Stone's collaboratory distillation of the folk process.”  The Huffington Post states that, “it places new wonders alongside old favorites, for a listening experience that's fresh and fun no matter how familiar you are with Lomax's collection.”  CBC Music says that, “this project is not about the collector—it's about the songs and the way Stone and his musical team take them to new, often harmonious, heights.”"


A myriad of tones and moods ranging from high energy tunes to beautiful measured songs to inspiring melodies. 
Wednesday, March 9
Kaufman Auditorium

"From the Great Wall of China to packed auditoriums in the Holy Land and more recently being the first Irish band to perform at the greatest music festival in the world, "Rock in Rio" on front of an estimate audience of two hundred and forty thousand people, Dervish have come a long way in twenty six years. Formed in 1989 by a group of five musicians, Liam Kelly, Shane Mitchell, Martin McGinley, Brian McDonagh and Michael Holmes who came together to record an album of local music which was released as The Boys of Sligo. Inspired by the project they decided to develop this informal gathering (which gathered weekly to play sessions in local pubs) into a working band under the name Dervish which was chosen as it related to any group of spiritual people who become enraptured by music. Dervish concert performances are a myriad of tones and moods ranging from high energy tunes, played with fluidity and intuitiveness, to beautifully measured songs, from charming lyrics of life and love, to inspiring melodies that lift audiences from their seats. All the elements are drawn together by Cathy Jordan¹s masterful stage-presence. Her stories to the songs and her interaction with the audience draws people into the music in a way very few performers can achieve."