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Revolutionary Research at NMU

“No one undertakes research…with the intention of winning a prize. It is the joy of discovering something no one knew before,” said physicist Stephen Hawking. As you’ll read in this issue, there is much passion, joy, frustration and determination in the innovative and practicable research being conducted on our campus and in laboratories and medical facilities by alumni around the country. The new discoveries they are making are nothing short of amazing and game-changing, providing hope for healthier, happier minds, bodies and environments.

Unlocking the secrets of Alzheimer's and Cancer

In NMU’s neuroscience and brain tumor labs, autism outreach center, and new exercise oncology and forensic research facilities, faculty and students are making great strides and discoveries, as are leading scientists across the nation who once studied here.

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People conducting research in a lab

Cold Case

NMU’s Forensic Research Outdoor Station will help solve crimes and launch careers.

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Student observing a forensics science instructor

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