America Now! Introduction

America Now! Northern Magazine Cover Page



Gay marriage is legal. It’s perfectly fine to smoke marijuana in four states, with another dozen soon up for vote. The first female president could be elected on the heels of the first black president. There’s water on Mars. Whether you cheer or sneer at these facts, these are mind-blowing times.

America seems at one moment to be united: rallying to buy a car for a dedicated Detroit factory worker with a 21-mile commute; burly NFL teams suited up in pink to tackle breast cancer—at others divided: grappling for a solution to epidemic school shootings; struggling with wealth and race ravines.

The world, even the atmosphere, is in a maelstrom, with wars raging, species dying and a digital tide challenging the very essence of what it means to be human, social beings. Yet everyday kindnesses large and small, leaps of imagination and invention, help balance the perilous fight.

Northern alumni, faculty and students are part of the warp and woof of these headlines. Let’s learn their perspectives and watch their impacts on America now and next.