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The Northern Michigan University Press was established in 1962 to publish books that relate to the Upper Peninsula. Dormant for periods of times, the press most recently published Northern Border: History and Lore of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Beyond in 2014. Works have been published by the NMU Press as far back as its inception in 1962. Find the full list of books or learn more about the history of the NMU press.

Northern Border is new NMU Press title

Voice on the Water cover

Northern Border: History and Lore of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Beyond is a collection of essays and historical research honoring longtime Northern Michigan University professor and historian Russell Magnaghi. It features 15 articles and dozens of photos, ranging from mining and lumbering to labor movements and literature. 

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Voice on the Water


Voice on the Water is an anthology of the contemporary American Indian experience in Michigan. Told through fiction, poetry, prose, art and craft, Voice on the Water features the works of 88 authors and artists. Pieces address themes of the land, the lakes, family, the search for center, ideas of time and the past, communalism and our Native communities on and off reservation homelands, along with storytelling, Indian education, the Michigan urban Indian experience, ceremony and ritual, persistence of traditional arts and lifeways, and new cultural ways of being. Learn more about Voice on the Water here

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Find answers in A Sense of Time: The Encyclopedia of Northern Michigan University. The book chronicles 100 years of NMU's history, including information about academic affair, student life and Northern's fascinating facts. It establishes a record of past traditions of the institution, before they are lost to memory. The encyclopedia is an exciting way to experience the transition of NMU from Northern Normal School to a state university.