NMU has developed a reputation for innovative and widespread use of technology. This page outlines various aspects of technology on campus.

Notebook Computers

Laptop distribution at Superior DomeFull time faculty, grad students, and adjuncts teaching at least three credit hours are issued notebook computers as part of NMU's technology initiative. Full time students are also issued notebook computers, so you can expect most of your students to have a standard NMU computer. Those in Art and Design are issued a Macbook, while others receive a Lenovo Windows unit.

When you need assistance with your notebook computer, visit the Computing HelpDesk on the first floor of the LRC. The HelpDesk will address software issues while you wait. If your problem is hardware-related, they will create a work order and have you drop your machine off at the adjacent Micro Repair window. Always start at the HelpDesk, even if you believe that your problem is a hardware issue.


NMU has a robust campus-wide WiFi network. Off campus, the NMU network is available throughout Marquette and several surrounding communities through next generation wireless technology. NMU was a pioneer in deploying a WiMAX and now LTE wireless signal, enabling students and faculty to connect to access teaching and learning resources beyond the boarders of campus.  Get more details about LTE here.

Instructional Technology

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides faculty with support for instructional technology. This includes classroom-based technology such as projectors and document cameras. web-based tools such as the NMU EduCat LMS and the Wildcast podcasting system, as well as specialized software such as that used to create video tutorials. It also includes technology in the classrooms, such as projectors.

Behind the Scenes

Staff in Information Technology build, program, run, and maintain the various programs, servers, and networks that keep NMU's various technological tools running. You generally won't need to contact IT directly, but we can't have a page about technology without acknowledging all of the IT staff's hard work.