Teaching Online

Screenshot from Teaching Online Course

NMU offers many online course sections each semester, has several online programs, and has committed to expanding online offerings. If you are interested in teaching online, it is likely that you will have that opportunity at some point in your career. 

To ensure a high quality experience for both instructors and students, NMU has enacted, or is in the process of enacting, some requirements for both course design and preparation for students, faculty, and other instructors:

  • Course Design NMU subscribes to the Quality Matters (QM) Program, which provides a "nationally recognized, faculty-centered, peer review process designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components."  The details of NMU's QM implementation plan are still being discussed, but eventually all NMU Online Courses will be expected to meet Quality Matters standards.
  • Instructor preparation – Effective with the Winter 2016 semester, an instructor must be "Distance Qualified" before they can teach online.  Depending on the instructor's past experience, they will need to complete either a four week online course or a 4-6 hour self-paced tutorial.  To find out about upcoming courses contact the Center for Teaching and Learning.
  • Student preparation – Before participating in any online course students are required to complete a self-paced, online tutorial module. The tutorial is available to all students through EduCat and can be completed at any time.