Indigenous Earth Day Summit

EarthNorthern Michigan University, Great Lakes Rooms
Tuesday, April 22-Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sponsored by NMU’s Center for Native American Studies, Environmental Science Program and the Office of International Programs and the King*Chavez*Parks Visiting Professor Program.

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The Summit will be a part of the global, dynamic movement working to protect the earth.  The overall goal of the Summit is to provide participants with the opportunity for intercultural sharing with Indigenous peoples from the Americas and Australia and will function as a call to action in addressing environmental issues from an international, multi-cultural approach.  This Summit will be unique, however, in that it will bring representatives of the international Indigenous community to the American Northwoods to meet with the area tribes, regional activist community and university students to discuss environmental issues from an Indigenous viewpoint.

Aboriginal Australian Delegation
Traditional Knowledge Revival Pathways
Indians Gather to Save the Planet
Activist: Old Native Ways Can Be Used in New Sustainability Efforts

Summit Contacts

Ms. April Lindala
Center for Native American Studies, Director
Indigenous Earth Day Summit Project Director

Dr. Ron Sundell
Environmental Science Program, Director

Ms. Aimée Cree Dunn
Center for Native American Studies, Adjunct Instructor
Indigenous Earth Day Summit Project Coordinator