CNAS Events Calendar

Wegonesh Ezhiwebag? (What's happening?)

N8V Dance Fitness (approximately) Every Friday at 11:00 am, the PEIF gym 150. Call the CNAS at 906-227-1397 to confirm if the group is meeting the Friday you are interested in attending!

Sept. 30, 2017. Niimigiimiwan "Dancing in the Rain" domestic violence awareness event at the Niiwin Akeaa recreation facility in Baraga. Rides leaving from the CNAS at 9:00 am, returning to Marquette at 3:00pm. Sign up in the Center. 

Oct. 5, 2017. Joy Harjo performing at NMU for the Visiting Writers Series. 

Oct. 5, 2017. Joy Harjo luncheon at the Whitman Commons (room 136). This lunch will run from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm, and is not a book signing or any type of "performance". Please sign up at the Center to meet and talk with Joy, and enjoy lunch hosted by The Center for Native American Studies and Simply Superior. Open to NAS majors/minors and American Indian students. 

Oct. 9, 2017. Indigenous Peoples Day. Watch out for activity on campus: Dr. Reinhardt will be in the academic mall with the Tribal Education Eagle Staff, and Morning Thunder drum will be attending. Bring your banners and signs. All our relatives are welcome and encouraged to join us in a round dance!

Oct. 14, 2017. Michigan Technological University's Bikaakwe-Giizis pow wow. Rides leaving from the CNAS at 10:00 am, returning by 9:00 pm. Sign up in the Center.

Oct. 25 2017. Winona LaDuke will be visiting Michigan Technological University as a part of their Social Justice Lecture Series. If you would be interested in attending this event with a group from the Center for Native American Studies, please sign up at the Center. This trip is not set in stone--we need to know how many people would be interested before we set up the event, so let us know!


Waa-nezhwe'ebak.  (What's happened.) 

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Anishinaabe Words of the Month

November 2014 Maada-gan-ji-ge

October 2014 Aabi-da-kamagad

September 2014 Maad 'kami-gad


February 2014 Kaw-taa-ni-gisi-naa

January 2014 Aansokedaa Beboon

December 2013 Mina-jaadaa Maadiziwin

November 2013 Anishinaabe minajaadaa

October 2013 Niibiishan Nnbaasinon

September 2013 Bine kedaa. Jibaa kedaa 


April 2013 Kitchi-Piitendaagwad-Maadaziwin

March 2013 Aanii.  Ndishinikaas. Donjibaa. Nndodem. 

January/February 2013 Gaayiin-geyaabi

December 2012 Ngi-chi-zhi'yaa

November 2012 Minomin miinawa waawaashkezh

October 2012 Nan-ji-geywin

September 2012 Anishinaabe Miijim

June 2012 Agii-zhoowaa

May 2012 Kiik-shki-tonaa

April 2012 We-biidaa

March 2012 Kenwebidaa

February 2012 Megawaa

January 2012 Aanch Miinawa

December 2011 Zhiitaadaa!

November 2011 Miigwech-i-nendim-wodaa

October 2011 Bashki-minsigan

September 2011 Shki-Giizoons Niimi