Anishinaabe Radio News (and Other Items of Interest)

Anishinaabe Radio News is a co-production of the NMU Center for Native American Studies and Public Radio 90, WNMU-FM. This is a new page. Miigwech/thank you for your patience during our construction of this webpage.

ARN 2018

Cherokee Phoenix (ep. 77 September 14, 2018)

Tribal Justice Film (ep. 76 September 7, 2018)

Indian Summer Fest in Milwaukee (ep. 75 date)

Tom Longboat (ep 74 date)

IFWTO (ep 73 date)

Arigon Starr (ep 72 date

Dine College (ep 71 date)

Cannupa Luger (ep 70 date)

Traditional Governments (ep 69 date)

Running Medicine (ep 68 date)

Ricardo Cate (ep 67 date)

Heartberries (ep 66 date)

NCAI_ICT (ep 65 date)

Alanis Obomsawin (ep 64 date)

UPDATE Adam Beach (ep 63 date)

Vets Memorial (ep 62 date)

Autumn Peltier (ep 61 date)

Bunky Echohawk (ep 60 date)

Brooke Simpson (ep 59 date)

ARN 2017

Walking Eagle News (ep 58 date)

Dennis Banks (ep 57 date)

Rock Your Moccs (ep 56 date)

Week of Indigenous Eating (ep 55)

Michigan Treaty Day (ep 54 date)

William Garoutte (ep 53 date)

Allie M (ep 52 date)

Gary Farmer (ep 51 date)

Joy Harjo UPDATE (ep 50 date)

KBIC DV event (ep 49 date)

ICTMN (ep 48 date)

Taiaiake Alfred (ep 47 date)

LaDonna Harris (ep 46 date)

Residential Schools (ep 45 date)

Red Lake Health Emergency (Ep 44 date)

Santa Fe Indian Market (ep 43 date)

Karen Ann Hoffman (ep 42 date)

Michael Yellowbird (ep 41 date)

Summer Youth Academy (ep 40 date)

Eugene BraveRock (ep 39 date)

Alice Olsen Williams (Ep 38 date)

Ahniwake Rose NIEA (ep37 date)

Water Walkers (ep 36 date)

ARN 2016

Malia Villegas (ep 35 date)

Rumble - Indians Rock (Ep 34 date)

Nottawaseppi Heritage Fund (Ep 33 date)

Sundance Institute (Ep 32 date)

Bagidaabii-Neyaashi (Ep 31 date)

Apology Division of APA  (Ep 30 date)

Robbie Robertson (Ep 29 date)

Steven Paul Judd (Ep 28 date)

DDP First Nations Food Taster (Ep 27 date)

Origin Native American Heritage Month (Ep 26 date)

Indigenous Peoples Day (Ep 25 date)

OBOC Round House (Ep 24 date)

Stand With Standing Rock (Ep 23 date)

Art of Peace (Ep 22 date)

Importance of Wild Rice to Ojibwe (Ep 21 date)

Sault Tribe Community Health (Ep 20 date)

Jim Northrup (Ep 19 date)

Adam Beach Film Release (Ep 18 date)

History Lacrosse (Ep 17 date)

Jacoby Ellsbury (Ep 16 date)

Kewadin Gaming CEO (Ep 15 date)

Episode 14 - Mystery?

Gwitchin ANWR  (EP 13 date

Joy Harjo (Ep 12 date)

Treaty Law (Ep 11 date)

Seattle Murals (Ep 10 date)

Indigenous World Games (Ep 9 date)

N8V Fashion (Ep 8 date)

History Textbooks (Ep 7 date)

Mascots (Ep 6 date)

Keith Secola (Ep  5 date)

Health (Ep 4 date)

Powwows (Ep 3 date)

Reciprocity | Environmental Health (Ep 2 date)

Why Native American Studies? (Ep 1 date)