Native American Heritage Month

Fall 2014

Nov 1-7 Week of Indigenous Eating. 

Nov 3. Relative or Resources?  Mining, Native Activism and the Northwoods.  Presentation with Aimee Cree Dunn in the Olson Library. 

Nov 7. 14th annual First Nations Food Taster.  See 2014 FNFT poster.  Visit the FNFT website.  View photo highlights at F14 FNFT. 

Nov 8. Dibaajimowinan:  Anishinaabe Stories of Culture and Response.  Held in Zero Degrees Art Gallery in Marquette, Mich. 

Nov 13.  Gaa-bi-aasibwi-taage-jig Celebration.  An honoring dinner and farewell celebration for "Those Who Stood With Us".  Three retiring NMU faculty, Dr. Michael Loukinen, Dr. Russell Magnaghi, and Dr. Elda Tate showcased their academic contributions to Native American Studies. 

Nov 14.  Making Birchbark Picture Frames with Elizabeth Kimewon was postponed until Winter 2015 semester due to poor weather conditions. 

Nov 19.  Movie:  Smoke Signals, hosted by Jamie Kuehnl's NAS 204 students. 



Fall 2013

Nov 1-8 Week of Indigenous Eating.  Part of the national challenge to eat foods indigenous to the Great Lakes region. 

Nov 6.  Laughing Whitefish Book Discussion with Matthew Fletcher.  Hosted by the Marquette Regional History Center. 

Nov 8.  The 13th annual First Nations Food Taster.  See the 2013 FNFT poster.  Visit the FNFT website. View the FNFT photo highlights

Nov 15-16.  Making Birchbark Necklace with Porcupine Quills.  Elizabeth Kimewon conducted a workshop on how to make a necklace using birchbark and porcupine quills.  See Quillwork Photo Highlights.  

Nov 22.  Circle for Diabetes Health.  Raeanne Madison, founder of All My Relations Diabetes Connection, lead this talking circle to learn more about diabetes.  See the Circle for Diabetes Health Poster 

Nov 25 Film:  Christmas in the Clouds.  Hosted by Multicultural Education and Resource Center. 

Nov 26 Film:  Smoke Signals.  Hosted by Multicultural Education and Resource Center


Fall 2012

Nov 1 Decolonizing Diet Project:  A six-month overview with Martin Reinhardt, PhD.

Nov 2-3 U.P. Art and Folklife Workshop with guest Anishinaabe elder Elizabeth Kimewon.  Using porcupine quills to decorate birchbark trivets.   See Quill on Birchbark Photo Highlights.  Co-hosted by the Center for Native American Studies and the Beaumier U.P. Heritage Center and made possible by the National Endowment for the Arts.  

Nov 2-9 Decolonizing Diet Project:  A Mini Challenge

Nov 3 Coffeehouse Music Series featuring Anishinaabe musician Bobby Bullet

Nov 7 First Nations Films and Food:  "Good Meat" and "My Big Fat Diet"

Nov 8 Joseph Bruchac, Abenaki author, presentations:  "Native Cultures and Foods,"  "Methods for Reading and Teaching Native Literature," and a special performance and reading.  See Joseph Bruchac Photo Highlights

Nov 9 12th annual First Nations Food Taster.  See the 2012 FNFT Poster.  Listen to the Food Taster Radio Interview with Sunny 101FM and Dr. Martin Reinhardt.  See 12th annual Food Taster Photo Highlights

Nov 12 Film:  "The Business of Fancy Dancing" 

Nov 13 First Nations Films and Food: "Good Meat" and "My Big Fat Diet"

Nov 14 Decolonizing Diet Project - Panel Presentation.  View the DDP Panel Presentation through Mediasite Live link.  See DDP Panel Presentation Photo Highlights

Nov 16 Workshop:  Making Dishbags.  Learning about the importance of dishbags and creating a bag complete with eating utensils.  See Dishbag Workshop Photo Highlights

Nov 19 Film:  "Skins"

Nov 20 Film: "Smoke Signals" 

Nov 26 Conversations with an Anishinaabe Elder, Sam Musqua **CANCELED**

Nov 27 Workshop:  Beading

Nov 28 Decolonizing Diet Project:  the Female Perspective with April E. Lindala.  See


See 2012 NAHM poster.  Listen to the radio interview on Sunny 101.9FM with April Lindala. 





Fall 2011


November 2.  Speaker:  Jim St. Arnold, Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission 

November 4. 11th annual First Nations Food Taster 

November 9.  Film:  "Barking Water"

November 11.  Music Workshop with Digging Roots

November 11.  Concert with Digging Roots

November 12.  Making Wild Rice Sticks with Roger LaBine

November 16.  Film:  "Older Than America"

November 18.  Informational Gathering:  Decolonizing Diet Project

November 21.  Informational Gathering:  Decolonizing Diet Project

November 30.  Public Reading:  "Voice on the Water:  Great Lakes Native America Now"


Fall 2010

 November 1- Monday-  Kayndahsawin (Learning) Academy

November 5- Friday -  Food Taster  Jacobetti  5-8pm

November 8 - Monday- Father Haskell  Whitman commons 6pm

November 16 - Tuesday - Former United Church of Canada Paster Kevin Annett's film  "UNREPENTANT: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide"  Kevin will be introducing his film and presenting in classes. See his website here