Fire Site

The Center for Native American Studies is home to the Whitman fire site. It was built in the summer of 2003 -- created for students, faculty and staff. 

Fire siteIn 2005, benches were placed at the site. The benches are placed in the four directions (east, south, west, north). Upon each bench is a wood burning of a particular clan of the Anishinaabe (drawings were done by then student, Pamela Abel).

Any group wishing to use the fire site should apply two weeks in advance directly to the Center for Native American Studies via e-mail.  Once a request has been approved, the Center will provide the group with a list of detailed instructions for use of the fire site. 

Any persons requesting and receiving approval should understand that the NMU Public Safety makes the final determination whether a fire will be permitted.  If the local fire rating is high, plans may have to be changed. 


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