conductorEvery institution seeks to attract prospective students with fine facilities and exciting student activities and services.  But in the end, the reason for choosing a particular school must be the quality and day-to-day accessibility of the teachers with whom you will be studying. A faculty member's famous name or reputation is of little value to the student who rarely comes in contact with him or her.

The music faculty at NMU is a diverse and talented group of active professional performers, composers, conductors and teachers.  We don't just talk about music but continually strive to grow as musicians through performing and conducting. This commitment to growth creates an exciting environment for learning and challenges our students to set their sights high.  Northern is primarily a teaching university, prizing excellence in teaching over all other priorities.  In music, this translates into an unusual level of faculty involvement with students. We are always accessible, available, and eager to help.

At some schools, music majors are taught primarily by graduate students or adjuncts during the first semesters. Non majors may never have access to a full faculty member.  At NMU, all music students, majors and non-majors,  take their lessons directly with full faculty members.  At Northern you will study with the best  from your first lesson through your senior recital.