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Jump Start is a King*Chavez*Parks Initiative of the State of Michigan designed to improve retention rates of academically and economically disadvantaged students through academic and career workshops and networking opportunities.

Jump Start students are teamed up with upperclassmen peer mentors. Peer mentors design programs to meet the specific needs of their students, including study sessions, career exploration sessions, and social activities. These programs help participants become acclimated to life as a college student, life at NMU, and life in the city of Marquette.

Want to join us at one of our events? Here's how...

Reserving a spot for any event can be done by e-mailing the host or by calling the Multicultural Education and Resource Center at (906)227-1554.


You are a Jump Start student if...

  •  You entered the university on probationary status and you are a Michigan resident.

Services Available

  • Peer Mentorship
  • Career Exploration
  • Academic Skill builders
  • Social Activities

For examples of our events, check out our photo gallery


No access or slow access to Internet? 

Charter Communications may have a solution for you.  It requires documentation and an application be filled out and sent in, bringing the cost to $14.99/month.  Check it out here.


Helpful Tools


Time Management

A key skill for successful students is good time management.  Utilize the weekly planner to assist you in scheduling a balance between classes, homework, and activities.  Remember schedule plenty of time for sleep.  



The tutoring center at NMU is focused on assisting students in succeeding academically. Tutoring is available for most academic programs.  


GPA Calculator

Visualize what various grade combinations may do to your GPA.  


Degree Evaluation

Check the status of your academic progress.  Ensure that you are on track for graduation.  


What to do with a major in....

Are you having trouble deciding on a major?  Explore potential degrees and what future careers they may result in.