August 20, 1998
Revised January 29, 2003

1. Name of Organization
The name of this organization shall be NMU ALLIES.

2. Statement of Purpose

The ALLIES organization exists to provide visible, tangible support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender members of the Northern Michigan University community, specifically, the group purposes are:
  1. To identify specific individuals, places, and forums for confidential discussion, support and resource information (the “safe places and safe people program”);
  2. To provide all faculty, staff, and students with an avenue to demonstrate their support of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people;
  3. To promote educational opportunities for faculty, staff, and students as well as parents and alumni, this will enhance understanding of the diversity of individuals;
  4. To develop a broad appreciation for diversity and inclusiveness promoting an understanding of the lesbian and gay communities and contributions of their members to the university community;
  5. To increase the awareness of discrimination and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation and actively attempt to overcome subtle and pervasive oppression and insensitivity;
  6. To facilitate a process that assures careful and thorough consideration by the university community of ALLIES recommendations; and
  7. To find funding opportunities for ALLIES to conduct and/or support conferences and workshops related to ending/confronting homophobia and heterosexism.

3. Membership Requirements

Membership in ALLIES is open to everyone.  The sexual orientation of members is confidential and is not disclosed.

4. Voting

Only ALLIES members who are faculty, staff, and students of Northern Michigan University may vote.  Voting members at any meeting will be those who have attended a minimum of two regularly scheduled meetings in the twelve months prior to that meeting.

5. Elected Members

  1. The Secretary, Treasurer, and Meeting Facilitator are elected members.
    1. All elected members shall serve a one-year term and shall take office at the first meeting in the fall semester.
    2. Elected members must be voting members of ALLIES.
    3. In the event of a vacancy, another member will be elected to assume the duties of that office by special election.
  2. Secretary
    1. Records minutes of meetings and sends them by e-mail to all members and
    2. Has available at each meeting the minutes and constitution.
  3. Treasurer
    1. Records all funds received and disbursed and furnishes regular statements,
    2. Prepares and signs requests for funding with prior approval of ALLIES, and
    3. Has available at each meeting the financial records.
  4. Meeting Facilitator
    1. Sets the meeting agendas,
    2. Schedules and coordinates meetings, and
    3. The Facilitator or a designee communicates with members of the medua as the official voice of the organization.
  5. The following duties must also be delegated each year to an elected member or other volunteer:
    1. Acknowledging new members, sending each new member a sticker and a handbook and storing supplies,
    2. Correspondence, including handling e-mail communication for ALLIES and informing all members of meetings and other events,
    3. Advertising and publicity,
    4. Maintaining a website, and a current membership list

6. Committees

  1. Committees may be created as needed to carry on the work of ALLIES.
  2. The charge to each new committee shall be documented in the minutes.
  3. All members (both voting and nonvoting members) are eligible to serve on committees.

7. Meetings

  1. A quorum for transacting business at a meeting shall consist of five voting members.
  2. All elected members have the responsibility of attending all business meetings. If unable to attend a meeting, an elected member should notify another elected member in advance.

8. Amending This Constitution

This Constitution can be amended at any business meeting by a majority vote, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting.