ALLIES Scholarship

Origin: Established in 2001 by ALLIES at Northern Michigan University

Application Form: ALLIES Scholarship application

Requirements: This scholarship shall assist full-time students at Northern Michigan University.

Eligibility: Recipients must be in good academic standing.

Recipients must show documented leadership, support or involvement in organizations, activities or issues that promote awareness and acceptance of the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered (GLBT) community at Northern Michigan University.

Donor funded applications.

Award: $500 per year minimum. Scholarship is split between two semesters.

Number: Varies.

Special Provisions: This scholarship will be an endowed fund, the principle of which will not be invaded. Awards are to be made from the earnings, according to NMU Development Fund policy. In the event that the scholarship becomes obsolete, the principle, along with interest, will be used to support and promote understanding of GLBT issues.