Modern Languages and Literatures Courses


CHN 101 Elementary Chinese I
CHN 102 Elementary Chinese II
CHN 299 Apprenticeship in Chinese


FR 101 Elementary French I
FR 102 Elementary French II
FR 201 Intermediate French I
FR 202 Intermediate French II
FR 299 Apprenticeship
FR 300 Reading and Writing
FR 305 Conversational French and Phonetics
FR 310 Introduction to French Civilization and Culture
FR 361 Survey of French Literature from the Medieval Period to the 17th Century
FR 362 Survey of French Literature of the 18th and 19th Centuries
FR 363 French Literature Since 1900
FR 400 Advanced French Composition and Grammar
FR 426 18th Century French Literature
FR 428 20th Century French Novel
FR 438 Cultural and Artistic Heritage of Europe
FR 491X Internship in French
FR 495 Special Topics in French
FR 498 Directed Study in French


GR 101 Elementary German I
GR 102 Elementary German II
GR 196X Study Abroad: Special Topics
GR 201 Intermediate German I
GR 202 Intermediate German II
GR 296X Study Abroad: Special Topics
GR 299 Apprenticeship
GR 301 Advanced German I
GR 302 Advanced German II
GR 310 Introduction to German Civilization and Culture
GR 311 Central European Culture and Civilization
GR 312 Contemporary German-Speaking Cultures
GR 320 Great Works in German Literature
GR 415 German for Business
GR 491X Internship in German
GR 495 Special Topics in German
GR 496X Study Abroad: Special Topics
GR 498 Directed Study in German


LG 250 Overview of Linguistics for Language Educators
LG 295 Special Topics in Languages
LG 317 World Studies through Literature in Translation
LG 317Z World Studies through Literature in Translation
LG 350 Methods and Materials in Teaching Language Education
LG 495 Special Topics in Languages
LG 499 Graduation Assessment for Language Majors


LAT 101 Elementary Latin I
LAT 299 Apprenticeship in Latin


POR 101 Elementary Portuguese I
POR 110 Elementary Portuguese for Students of Spanish
POR 210 Intermediate Portuguese for Students of Spanish
POR 299 Apprenticeship in Portuguese I
POR 314 Contemporary Brazilian Culture

Russian Language

RUS 101 Elementary Russian I
RUS 102 Elementary Russian 2
RUS 311 Russian Literature


SN 101 Elementary Spanish I
SN 102 Elementary Spanish II
SN 105 Intensive Introductory Spanish
SN 201 Intermediate Spanish I
SN 202 Intermediate Spanish II
SN 267 Conversational Spanish
SN 299 Apprenticeship
SN 301 Advanced Spanish
SN 302 Advanced Spanish II
SN 310 Introduction to Spanish Civilization and Culture
SN 312 Introduction to Spanish America
SN 313X Culture in Context
SN 314 Contemporary Latin American Culture
SN 314H Contemporary Latin American Culture (Honors)
SN 315 Introduction to Literary Study in Spanish
SN 371 Spanish for Health Care
SN 372 Spanish for Criminal Justice
SN 381 Spanish Theatre Performance
SN 425 Masterpieces of the Golden Age of Spanish Literature
SN 428 Spanish Literature Since 1900
SN 429 Spanish American Literature Since 1900
SN 435 Latin American Women Writers
SN 491X Internship in Spanish
SN 495 Special Topics in Spanish
SN 498 Directed Study in Spanish