Criminal Background Check Requirements

Except for exclusions noted below, all individuals who have unsupervised access to minors at a youth program must have satisfactorily completed a criminal background check (including sex offender registry check) within the last twelve months.  The process is defined by Human Resources and Public Safety.

In addition, an external organization sponsoring a youth program on campus or using NMU facilities for a youth program must attest as part of the program registration process that all adults working or volunteering at the program have been subject to a criminal background check (including sex offender registry check) within the last twelve months.The attestation is included in the Safety of Minors Addendum for the Facility Use Agreement.

Exceptions to the criminal background check requirement

The criminal background check requirements do not apply under the following circumstances:

  • The youth program format requires the participating minor to be accompanied at all times by a parent, legal guardian, or other adult relative;
  • NMU students hosting siblings or other family members;
  • NMU students hosting high school students as part of a pre-enrollment visit for prospective students;
  • NMU students who volunteer under the direct supervision of an NMU employee (Example - Student athletes during sports camps).
  • Individuals under the age of 18 who volunteer or work under the direct supervision of an NMU employee;
  • External organizations using NMU facilities open to the general public are not required to provide certification of criminal background checks, even if minors are present. (Example – the U.P. Builders Show).

Criminal Background Check and Sex Offender Registry Results

Individuals who do not have satisfactory criminal background check results will be provided with an opportunity to explain the results and give clarifying information to Human Resources and Public Safety.

Human Resources and Public Safety will review the results and any clarifying information and make a determination as to whether the individual being assessed will be allowed to work with youth.  Fair Credit Reporting Act adverse action processes will be followed.