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The NMU Ranger Club is an extracurricular, cadet organization designed to honor the elite soldiers of the United States Rangers. This organization is for cadets looking for additional training in drill & ceremony, physical fitness, and advanced military tactics. The club is a university recognized organization and participates in many university and community functions as well as two major competitions per year.


Ranger Club is divided into a few separate entities: the Ranger Challenge teams, Ranger Fund, and the Military Ball Committee. Ranger Challenge is considered the varsity sport of ROTC. It is physically and mentally demanding, but very rewarding when teams compete at the annual Ranger Challenge competition. Please use the right-sided navigation link to learn more about Ranger Challenge. Ranger Fund is a committee within ROTC that organizes fundraisers to raise money for local charities, cadet functions, and our annual military ball. Lastly, the Military Ball Committee is a small group of cadets who take on the planning of our annual military ball. This is a special, formal event for all cadets at the end of each year.

COLOR GUARDcolor guard

Participating in Color Guard is highly recommended for cadets early in the program so that they can learn basic Army marching techniques and practice what is known as drill and ceremony. The Color Guard presents our National Colors, Michigan flag, and NMU flag at a number of events around the university; for example, at home football games, commencement, and community events such as the Special Olympics.


HONOR FLIGHThonor flight

Honor Flight is a very special occasion for NMU ROTC cadets. This event takes place twice a year in Escanaba, MI. Our cadets volunteer to assist World War II veterans as they take a special day-trip to Washington, D.C to visit a number of war memorials, national monuments, and the White House. It is an emotionally powerful event that honors our veterans and gives cadets the opportunity to serve the local community.




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