Ranger Challenge

ROTC ranger challenge

Ranger Challenge is considered the "varsity sport" of Army ROTC. Focusing on basic infantry skills, squad-sized teams compete against other schools within the region in what is called the Ranger Challenge Task Force Competition. 

The competition takes place in the fall, and all cadets in good academic standing are invited to participate. Ranger Challenge cadets conduct Physical Training (PT) six times a week, separate from the rest of the battalion, in order to prepare for the challenging competition. 

The competition itself is usually held on the second weekend in October, but cadets begin their training as a team as soon as school starts. (Many start individually training much earlier). Teams that take first place at the Task Force Competition are invited to compete in the Brigade Competition which is a larger, more difficult event. 

Specific events at the annual Ranger Challenge Competition include:

  1. Constructing and crossing a one-rope-bridge
  2. Weapons challenge
  3. Army Physical Fitness Test
  4. Vehicle maintenance challenge
  5. Day and night land navigation
  6. First aid & litter carry challenge
  7. 10-kilometer road march


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