Cadet Nurse Testimonial

I attended basic training one summer and learned of the concept of ROTC.  I did not know anything about it previously, so I was curious.  When I visited NMU, I decided to meet with the cadre and learn about the opportunities of ROTC and nursing.  After that visit, I knew that ROTC and NMU were for me and would help me accomplish my goal and because a nurse, but also to become an officer in the Army Nurse Corps.

I am part of the Simultaneous Membership Program in ROTC meaning that I  have prior military experience, with the US Army Reserves.  From being in ROTC, I have been able to receive educational benefits as well as nursing advancement opportunities.  (Prior military experience is not needed for ROTC.)

Since contracting with ROTC, I have attended Air Assault School and completed a Summer Nurse Training Program (NSTP) at Fort Hood, Texas.  These were both great experiences that I would not have been able to attend if I weren’t in ROTC.  While at Fort Hood, I shadowed an Army Nurse Officer for 120 hours, in a unit of my choice, and I applied my clinical skills.  This opportunity helped me greatly in my following semesters of clinic at NMU.

I was also able to attend a nursing conference, received a PDA, and a Littmann Stethoscope.  The Army will pay for my NCLEX test as well.  I am not scholarship, but if you are, then you get many more advances such as books, scrubs, and tuition paid for!

With all the opportunities for nursing, came many leadership opportunities with ROTC as well.  All of my experiences with leadership, in the military, reflected in my clinic as well and helped me to excel beyond my fellow nursing students.  I have met many great people, seen amazing things, and I would not change one day of my college experience!  I recommend ROTC and experiences with the Army Nurse Corps to everyone!

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