Summer Research Component

student doing field researchThe key element that distinguishes doctoral study is independent research. Typical undergraduate programs have little or no emphasis on this aspect of scholastic life, but understanding how research is done is essential in graduate school.

In the summer between their junior and senior year, NMU McNair scholars participate and complete their summer research project. This is the capstone experience of the McNair program. During a six- week period scholars are expected to work 20-30 hours a week on their research, receiving guidance from their faculty mentors on the project from start to finish. At the project’s completion and before September 1, a 20-30 page research paper is to be completed and submitted to the McNair office.

Previous Research Projects


Summer Research Opportunities outside of NMU

In addition to the opportunity to work with an NMU faculty member, there are many institutions nationwide that offer summer research opportunities. We encourage all of our students to consider applying for these programs. Most of these programs provide stipends and room and board. We can also provide our students with their NMU McNair research stipend.

Applications for most of these research programs fall between January and March of the semester before the program begins. If a NMU McNair scholar is interested in learning more about the different research opportunities at institutions other than NMU, they are encouraged to stop by and speak with the program coordinator for more information.