Summer 2015 Research

Summer 2015 McNair Research and Scholarly Projects

This summer '15 McNair Scholars will undertake major research projects overseen by faculty mentors.

José Aburto

  • ​Faculty Mentor - Jessica Thompson, Communication and Media Studies
  • Project: "Communicating About Conservation: Who Is a Trustworthy Messenger?" 

Amanda Fliflet

  • Faculty Mentors - James Strain, Music
  • Project - Assessing Tonal Characteristics of Timpani Heads and Mallets

Troy Morris

  • Faculty Mentor - Sheila Burns, Psychology
  • Project - "Locus of Control Interaction by Visual and Audio Intervention"

Emily Mydlowski

  • Faculty Mentor - Alan Rebertus, Biology
  • Project - "Post-fire Regeneration of the 2000 Lightening Induced Fire at Porcupine Wildernesses State Park, Ontonagon, Michigan"

Tiaira Porter

  • ​Faculty Mentor - Erich Ottem, Biology
  • Project - "Determination of Motor Neuron Retrograde Transport Function in Mice Lacking Muscle-Synethesized Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor"

Nicole Shoup

  • Faculty Mentor - Josh Sharp, Biology
  • Project - "Rapid Identification of Staphylococcus by Immunomagnetic Capture and Laser Light Scattering"

Alex Steinline

  • ​Faculty Mentor - Jill Leonard, Biology
  • Project - "Competitive Interactions Between Mottled Sculpin and Round Gobies"

Alyssa Vanhorn

  • Faculty Mentor - Scott Drum, Health and Human Performance
  • Project - "Using Intermittent Normobaric Hypoxia to Enhance Sea Level Running Performance"