Summer 2011 Research Projects

Summer 2011 McNair Scholars Approved Research Projects

Macrea Anderson

  • Faculty Mentor: Steven Nelson, Ph.D.
  • Project: Economic Impact of Local Food Systems in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: A Preliminary Study

Matthew Cowling

  • Faculty Mentor: Robert J. Belton Ph.D.
  • Project: Characterization of basigin isoform-3 localization in human carcinomas.

Sara DeBold

  • Faculty Mentor: Sara Potter
  • Project: Assessing Delivery and Writing Skills in the Basic Course in Public Speaking: 10 30 second exercises.

Adrienne Garlick

  • Faculty Mentor: Jeanne Lorentzen, Ph.D.
  • Project: Prevalence of Gender Role Stereotyping in Children's Picture Books.

Helina Haile

  • Faculty Mentor: Carol Strauss, Ph.D.
  • Project: The Use of Military Intervention as a Justified Responsive Means to end Human Rights Violations.

Matt Keiser

  • Faculty Mentor: Alan Rebertus, Ph.D.
  • Project: Demography and Mortality of Pitcher's Thistle Seedlings

Karla Kopp

  • Faculty Mentor: Patrick Brown, Ph.D.
  • Project: Comparison of Avian Species Richness in Forest Stands of Different Age Classes

Joe Masters

  • Faculty Mentor: Timothy Hilton, Ph.D.
  • Project: Examining the experiences of Native Americans who are transitioning from prison to communities in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Mike Michalek

  • Faculty Mentor: Walter Loope at the USGS/John Anderton, Ph.D.
  • Project: Investigating the possible scenario of a waterway from Early Lake Minong to Lake Chippewa

Ricki Oldenkamp

  • Ricki was one of 10 students selected from a pool of over 400 applicants to take part in the Mechanism of Behavior program at Duke University during summer 2011.

Justine Pinskey

  • Faculty Mentor: Robert Winn, Ph.D.
  • Project: Investigating vitamin D3 as a potential therapeutic agent for glioblatomo multiforme 

Tracy Pickering

  • Tracy was selected for an internship through the Washington Center this summer and will be working for a non-profit organization in Washington, D.C.

Emily Sprengelmeyer

  • Faculty Mentor: Patrick Brown, Ph.D.
  • Project: Affects of coarse woody debris in Aspen-dominated mesic-hardwood forests

Amanda Taisto

  • Faculty Mentor: Erich Ottem, Ph.D.
  • Project: Pathological Assessment of Muscles and Motorneurons in Transgenic Mice with Missing or Limited Muscular BDNF.

Brieana Videto
  • Faculty Mentor: Robert Regis, Ph.D.
  • Project: The Chemical Analysis of Stam Sand Groundwater: Gay, MI